Saturday, August 09, 2008

Working on the weekend is for the birds

What a straight up blessing it is to be in San Diego for a lil while and enjoy all the crazy things there are here. This blessing comes at a price, I am here for W O R K. I am not kidding you, this has been one of the longest weeks in my entire life and qualifies in the top 3 of most work done in my entire life. I have been in a lab for 16 hours almost everyday this week! Tonight, when not many people were there, I turned on this rap mix that John Flowers made for the 2008 New Year's party at Canterbury. I know yall remember that mix. I had to do something to get crunk and stay sane while I worked.

Tomorrow, MORE WORK! Once this is done, I'm straight up ballin for a few days and we all know the 3rd week of August is PRICE IS RIGHT :) Anyone want to come???

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