Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sharin' struggles

It seems that when we share our struggles, we see that we aren't that different than everybody else. At least that's how I feel. In the past few weeks, I've heard and seen so many things that remind me of how broken this world is. I've been reminded of how uncertain so many things are. I hear of friends being really hurt and I am feeling their pain. The only thing that is certain is Him. He is constant, He will never leave you, He will never forsake you. No matter the pain or success we experience in this life, I want to know and look forward to the day I get to meet Him in person. Somewhere in Christianity, we just forget the future and what it holds for believers. It's pushing me to grab old of every good thing I know and have and be thankful for it and look forward to the day He comes to get us.

I'm guilty of pride and sharing that I need prayer, I so do. He's shown me lately the fruit of prayer and I wish it would encourage me to pray more, but I still struggle. I want to feel the Lord leading every step and morsel of my life so bad. Please pray for me if you read this, He listens. I'm rambling. It's scary the things that have happened over the past week, it's proven to me that we don't serve a God of coincidence, He is very much in control and has let me know it. I'll stop rambling and just hit publish post.

Monday, June 08, 2009

San Diegans Like To Grill

So after two back to back "BBq's", I've realized that San Diegans like to be out and about. We have a least 1 grill out per week. I really like it and people are always willing to come out. This is what we will do in heaven, so I believe in practicing now.

God has also taught me a lot lately about His control. It is impossible to fool Him or surprise Him, He orchestrates everything and nothing is outside His reach. I've been blown away lately with how much He is showing it to me. It's neat to know that the God of the universe wants to interact with you. If you don't believe it, you should.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Dear Tony Horton

Dear Tony Horton,

Thanks for your contribution of P90X, but I am writing this to confess to you that your dvds haven't moved in 3 weeks. I would like to say that I have done about 75% healthy eating. I hope to do better soon.

your facebook friend,

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Yeah I'm on the road

I realized today that I blog a lot more when I am traveling. I have learned in the past 5 years that we are designed for people. In the last year, I've realized even more how much I need community and how everyone needs community. I enjoy traveling and I really don't mind eating by myself, but there are a lot of times, you really just want to talk about something. You eat something really really good, like a spinach and Gorgonzola salad that is the best you've ever had, and the first thing I want to do is talk about it. You see someone picking their nose in the car, you want to talk about it. It's been amazing in the last few days how much the Lord has humbled my heart. Anytime He deals with me, He really deals with me and it can be so good and so tough sometimes. It's neat that the God of the universe has a personal relationship with punks like us. He knows the amount of hair on a yachts back in Egypt and He knows each one of our hearts, the good and the bad. Have you ever had something happen that you really know that you need to journal it down because one day, you will need to read it again. Sometimes I feel like God does things in my life and I just forget, it seems to be a common theme in the Bible. I'll part the sea for you, I'll set you free, and the next thing you know, people are complaining to the one who saved them.

God reminded me today of how quick this life is and how we can't take ourselves too serious. He has the most amazing ways of humbling His people.

Excited to get on a plane tomorrow and head back to Diego City. I wish there was a big motorcycle waiting on me, I would drive drive drive drive.

Monday, June 01, 2009

On a jet plane

For the first time since New Year's, I got on a plane today. It was a little strange driving to the airport after I haven't been in so long. I remember way back in the day, flying over San Diego and thinking about all the things that were going on down there that I didn't know about. Mostly I was flying in and flying out and didn't settle in for any type of community. It was strange to fly out today and kinda miss it. There is something about traveling that always revives me in areas. One thing it does it refreshes my need to read. I usually read more when I travel, today I chose to read about everything from bank robbers, biblical dating, song of solomon, and listened to some Ravi Zacharias. Traveling alone makes me way more intentional with my conversations, party because you can get lonely traveling and it helps to talk with people. I am often visited by a clothes gnome that steals my clothes. He usually sticks to stealing my socks one by one, and moves to my boxer briefs, and occasionally steals shoes and jeans. This time it was jeans. I never really buy big ticket items and you won't find me on a $500 shopping spree. I try to buy things as I go. Well I've bought all sorts of jeans and they just disappear. I am down to I think 2 pair that I actually like to wear.

I flew into Washington early today, but too late to go into the office, so I didn't want to just sit in the hotel room, so I went to the mall. I did something today where I actually changed the way I think. In the past, I DO NOT LIKE to try things on. I'd like to just pick up a pair of something and take it home. I usually stay about the same size so it works. Well today, I changed. I went into The Buckle. Now, I've been in there before, but never to buy jeans for myself. It was actually a good experience, I humbled myself and let the sales people help me. I actually tried on multiple pairs of jeans. I am glad I did, because some of their stuff can be really baggy and REALLY tight. It was a good experience and I had a good conversation with the nice people at The Buckle.

I am about to start the Bible in a year plan over again. I struggle to stay focused. It feels good knowing that the God of the universe knows our heart and wants good things for us. I'm glad to know I can trust Him and He never fails.

Does anyone ever have really crazy dreams? I've had some really crazy ones lately and friends of mine too. It's neat to know the Lord can use dreams.