Monday, September 29, 2008

community is contagious

how many books have been written on community? I once flew in on a plane every week to San Diego and never really thought I could find people like I have. It's original that God never wanted community to be Wednesday or just Sunday nights. I am glad he chose people to be community instead of days. People are much more spontaneous than days. Days are predictable. I have never really enjoyed predictable.

I drug my feet to come out here and now He has blessed me in more ways than I can type.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mark Driscoll's boo

It's amazing that I don't even know Mark Driscoll, but he has influenced my life so much. He wrote the coolest thing on his blog and talks about his relationship with his wife of 20 years.

On another note, what another fun and crazy weekend in Diego City. Meredith Orten and Brittaine Hinkson flew into town, along with Jamie Cheung for one night. I am just blown away by how much community is out here in San Diego. Of all places in the US, I never thought I'd have a community of people like I have here. It's only been a few months and I feel like I know many of these people pretty well. The city is contagious and everyday is something new. It was good to take a few days off and really just have fun and chill out with the peeps. The Lord has been good to me.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Last night, I decided to take the long way home. Instead of taking "THE 5" as the crazy Californians call it, I took Harbor drive and drove the Avis special Trail Blazer down by the airport and through the harbor. It's the perfect spot to look at the city. Every week I am just blown away by how cool and how much of a blessing it is to live here. I have learned so much since coming here and met some really crazy and neat people. Kaleo, the church I go to is quite amazing and has challenged me to look the Bible a lot differently and to think in ways I've never really thought.

I am going to be so spoiled wherever the Lord takes me next. This city has straight up blown me away with how cool it is. I really haven't explored the complete city, well except that I've eaten at almost every restaurant there is, well close.

All and all, I'm freakin working my butt off but learning a lot. Well not quite working it completely off, man it is still there. Jeans fit everywhere, well except for that part, maybe I should not eat at so many cool restaurants. Whatever.

Looking back on decisions and the process to come here, it is almost daily confirmed in the small things that happen here. The Lord is so good and faithful to me, when most of the time I am jacked up, He's so good.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

A few days off

I have developed 5 new gray hairs this week in one side of my head. Is this normal for 28? Proverbs at least says that is found by a righteous life :);%20Rev%2021:10;&version=47;

Either way, it is coming in fast and I think this job is lending me a full head of it. I am crunk up about taking a few days off in almost two weeks and DOING NOTHING. I REPEAT, NO WORK. I haven't had a real, real, real, day off in a LONG time and I am so burned out.