Saturday, August 09, 2008

Just a Jumpstart

When I was about 12 or 13, my parents bought me a dirtbike that was this exact model. A Honda 1977 XL 100. It was $375 and I remember clearly going to pick this thing up. I was so happy. Looking back, I realize how awesome it was for my dad to go get that for me. We did not grow up with money, and I realize now that $375 was a good amount of cash, it still is. I drove this dirtbike for SO long. I'd drive all over Hamer and visit all sorts of people. This thing would sometimes break down and I would get so mad. I would spend the day trying to get it back going. There were times when no matter how much you would try and kick-start it, it just wouldn't crank. What it needed was a good constant push-start. A "push-start" is exactly how it sounds. You put the bike in gear, pull the clutch in, and push it as hard as you can. You get going as fast as you can and let out the clutch. This will engage the wheel against the ground and turn the engine over. The faster you are going, the more times the engine will turn over and the more likely you are to get it going. My mom would see me pushing this thing all over the yard trying to get it running, and eventually, the motor would catch just enough, and I'd jump on and GUN the gas and off I was going again. I'd usually ride around for as long as I could because who knew how long it would stay running.

I stumbled across a note from a friend and some of our conversation back and forth a few years ago and it got me thinking. We talked about all sorts of things and lots of questions and answers, and just good discussion.

For me personally, I need to be around people that are going to do more than kick-start me. I need to be around people that constantly talk about the things of God and push me to grow in Jesus. I've realized this as I've gone in and out of Christian circles and friends. I incredibly enjoy a good conversation and many times walking away with questions and things that make me wonder how I really view the world. I want to be a husband like that someday where my relationship with my wife and kids is the same, we push each other to be stronger. Right now, I hope to be that friend to people that challenges them and leaves them desiring another drink from the fountain of hope at the end of the day.

I am not sure where this motorcycle is today. Last I saw it, it was sitting in a barn near our house. I got a newer one MANY years later and have enjoyed it :)

And yes, I posted back to back blogs. Sue me. Blogging makes me feel better after long days of work.

Go push-start someone.

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Julie said...

Only a Dillon boy can compare their relationship with God to a dirtbike!