Tuesday, November 30, 2004

This must stop.

Tampon commercials have gone too far. I mean really. First of all, I would like to state to everyone that I'm not a grossed out kinda guy. I understand that the Lord made women so much different than men and please believe me when I say: I praise Him daily for that. Men would not last a day as a woman. I don't even like getting my finger pricked to give blood. We just would not last. SO I say all that to say, girls, you have it a whole lot harder than us in some areas. I'm not insensitive but must these commercials come on the tube while you are eating dinner. It would actually be ok if they were normal commercials and just stated a few facts and moved on. BUT noooooooooooo. They must have a lil red dot dancing around the screen and leave the world wondering when and where it will land. This is quite hilarious in the back of my mind. Men, we need to pay lobbyist to petition congress to stop these ads, well maybe just have them all moved to the Lifetime channel or whatever channel that is focuses towards the estrogen world. There is also another commercial out for a drug called Seasonale. Here is the website. This drug reduces a woman's period to 4 times per year instead of once a month. Now again, I'm not a woman, but is this safe? It's quite a funny commercial I must say.

I really wasn't serious when I wrote all of this but I just needed a break from work and a chance to make myself laugh. I like to laugh, even at tampon commercials.

Of course, we men face tough things too. Maybe not THAT. But, we have to face hair on our face, the DTR, the RDTR, The face is one of the most sensitive areas on the body. I feel like I'm on the discovery channel and explaining life to everyone. I don't even understand it, much less myself, or the people in it. I really like to blog though, it makes me feel good.

I really understand the blog.

Friday, November 26, 2004

Gone Country

My family lives so far out in the country. You are lucky if you get cordless phone reception, much less cell phone reception. I have found myself roaming around in my yard as if I was looking for buried treasure. If you find a good spot, you stand there for sometime and then it's on to the next "Cingular hotspot." I think my yard has approximately 3, depending on weather conditions. I'm so glad I was raised in the country. There is something about coming back here that brings my heart back in check, no matter what has gone through it.

I also discovered that I really just enjoy life. The Bible teaches that we are not supposed to really love this world. I definitely think, that in the right perspective and with a hug from Jesus on the horizon, we can really enjoy the time we have here. It's all about perspective. I'm glad I'm a Christian. Really.

Monday, November 22, 2004

What did you do?

It seems like the further along in your walk you go, the more you are humbled and realize that there is so much that we do not know. We must rely on Him for everything. Death is not something that many people enjoy discussing. Neither do I. It's not a very happy thing to think about and I don't know of many people who just want to die. Our life is precious, so precious. We wear seatbelts, we have flotations devices under our seats in a plane. In the small percentage chance that if the plane crashes in water and we live through it, we still can have a chance to live. We humans love our lives! We will protect our lives and the lives of our loved ones at all cost. 10 out of 10 people die. It's a fact. It's a very sobering thought for me to think that one day I will become old, if the Lord allows, and I will eventually die. On that day, what will my life have counted for? Who will have benefited from it? Will it just be about plaques on a wall? Will it be how many degrees I obtained? Will it be about how much my salary was raised to? Will it be about how nice my houses were? My cars?

We take out insurance on most of those things because they temporary. They can be destroyed. There is something deep inside of who I am that says my life will not be counted for all those things. The thought of living a mundane and routine life is not appealing to me. Lord do what you want. Imagine, you are 65 years old and retiring from whatever profession you have chosen for your life. Step outside of yourself and look at what you think your life might look like at that point. What do you see? Does that life count for something eternal? Are you apart of many peoples' testimonies? If God hasn't been glorified in that, you've missed an abundant life.
We have it so good as Christians. We've got the Atlas of eternity that plans everything out for all the world to see. What are you seeing?

Time is short, people need Him, we need to tell them.

Live the biggest life you can live.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

THAT guy

So I'm going to write my first book on THAT GUY. I researched a little and there hasn't been a book written on him yet. Amazing. Sure we have all see that guy, we have all been that guy.

That guy who leaves his cell phone on in church.
That guy who talks on his phone all the time, even in social situations that it is not good.
That guy who never seems to take "no" for an answer.
That guy who seems to call people the wrong name.

These are just a few friendly "that guy" moments that are proper to share on the blog. I want to write a book that will encompass all the moment "that guy" has lived. I want my book to include positive "that guy" moments also. Many people are not aware that being "that guy" has very positive connotations. We have all been somewhere and seen a drop living gorgeous girl and then seen this potato-sack of a guy and wondered....yes, you have wondered it...go ahead, u know what I'm going to write. "How did THAT GUY, get THAT GIRL?" I desire to be THAT guy in this situation. Yes it will be the ending of the first book and a perfect leeway into that 2nd book. "THAT GIRL." I will need much help on the 2nd book.

I'm really writing this blog to make myself laugh which is sad. It seems lately that God wants me to learn about how he saves people. Whether they have any say so in the matter. He wants me to deal with these things regardless of whether I want to deal with them or not. Do some babies go to hell? These are questions I have wrestled with tonight and studied about and I was a little emotionally drained. So writing a story about writing a book about "THAT GUY" is very relaxing to me. By the way, I do want to write the book and I did not just make all that up.

Regardless of what I finally come to believe in the salvation department, it's still all about Jesus and His glory. The truth remains the same. He still suffered a life that we should have suffered. He died on a cross that we should have died on. He got spit on with spit that should have been smeared in our face. The whips were meant for our back. He is what our faith is about. If our lives are counted for whether we were reformed or not in our theology, we have missed the boat and missed the love of our Father completely. No matter what side of the coin you fall on today, reformed or not, the command is the same. Go make disciples! I love Him and I want my life to be about Him! Whew!

Saturday, November 13, 2004

I feel like...

I think I might be pregnant. Oh wait, that can't happen but anyway. I had the strangest feeling tonight. I came in and all I could think about was banana pudding. Literally it was consuming me. I've heard that when you are pregnant, you want random things like pickles and icecream. Well maybe I'm just weird. I eventually satisfied the urge and took a trip to my local Ingles. I purchased a medium sized bucket of banana pudding, baby wipes, and toilet tissue. I must point out again that one should never purchase cheap toilet paper. There are some things that you can go cheap on, TP IS NOT ONE OF THEM. It is an essential part to a regular person's daily life. You should treat yourself right.

On a sidenote. A buddy of mine recently got engaged and had an engagement party tonight. He is Egyptian. I had no idea what to expect at this party. Wow. Let me tell you that Arabic people know how to have fun. Not only do they kiss you on the cheeks when they meet you, they also belly dance! I mean literally. How come I have lived my whole life and never belly danced. I did not just write that. Either way, it was very funny watching total stranger belly dance to Arabic music. It was quite fun. They have no shame. My friend Tavaras (a black guy) says that Arabic people are just like black people. They love to eat, dance, and have fun anywhere they go. I have never seen someone so excited about music, food, and a drum. Yes a drum. I really love foreign people and other cultures. I feel like I have missed out on something in this life by not belly dancing at all the 7th grade parties when I was young. How sad.

I also realized something that is true about myself. I get really aggravated and annoyed when I get lost on the road. Sometimes really annoyed. I get all hot and want to run over things. It only lasts for a few minutes, I think deeply about the GPS system I want to buy for my laptop and it soothes me. :) On a happy note, I realized that I like to be nice to people. I find joy in being nice to people and trying to make them laugh. I also realize that some people do not share this. There are many unhappy people in this world. One night at Eckard, a customer in front of me was not very happy and def. not nice to the cashier. He walked out the door. It made me want to be extra nice to him and in turn, he told me about all the funny pictures he gets to see come through the photo development lab. I might have blogged about this before but he told me his favorite was...... really old men who taked naked pictures of themselves. Now some of you are probably saying, "That is sick" As did I. But I really did laugh out loud when he told me that. That is just plain hilarious. As opposed to hilarious with mustard and ketchup. Old guys and their disposable cameras. So be extra careful when you are standing in line at the 1 hour photo, you know how those pictures just roll off the line in front of everyone. SCANDALOUS!

Monday, November 01, 2004

Blink Blink

Where have you been mr log? Oh there you are! I think I will write in you. Thanks!

So it's been a while! I was a blog evangelist for a long time and actually backslid and did not write anything in this thing after I've been on so many people to keep theirs updated. Even bloggers backslide.

I saw a movie this weekend about Christianity. The movie is called "Saved" and I will say up front that if you are going to watch it, it could be highly offensive to you. I will say that if it is, it probably served its purpose.

Nonchristians made the movie to sort of pick on Christian culture and they have made some really good points. One girl in the movie, "a professing Christian", is seen at the abortion clinic by a few of her friends. They go and blab all over the school about seeing her there. The nonchristians react by saying that she must have been planting a pipe bomb.

I really hope that isn't the world's perception of Christianity. But in a lot of ways, it probably is. The movie also points out the fact that many Christians try and make Christianity look "cool." They try to use cool words and be up on certain things to make Christianity look popular and the WWJD thing to do. I got the feeling that one of the preachers in the movie was really trying to convince and sell God to people. how lame. The movie is worth seeing and there a few sketchy parts, I must warn you. I wanted to see the movie to just get an idea about what some of the world thinks about Christians. If the movie is right, we have a lot of work to do.

So on a happier note, I must confess something. I eat dinner out daily. Well let's just be honest here. I never eat at home and I never cook. It's not because I cannot cook, because I can. It's because for the most part, eating dinner out is fun and way more fun than sitting home and cooking it yourself. If you are only cooking for one person, it's not even saving you that much money unless you eat leftovers all the time. So that's my justification for eating lunch and dinner out on a daily basis. Also, it's great for hanging out with people. At the office, it's a chance to get out for an hour and chill away from work. During dinner, same thing. So I do it, forgive me, I'm man.

So about this same subject. I must confess something else. When most people are in the drive-through at your local Zaxby's, they are HUNGRY. Why else are you going there? Well unless you are getting something for you boo. Yes I said boo. Forgive me. Well here is something I like to do. As you know, Zaxby's is not a fast food establishment and you must allow adequate preparation time for your food...it's sad that I have most of the sign memorized. Well anyway. Usually you will wait for Zaxby's at LEAST 10 minutes. It's good stuff and worth waiting for. Well here is what I do. As I'm waiting and people are behind me, I will let my foot off the brake. What is the big deal? I will tell you. Usually people in the drive thrus are rummaging around in their car or reading something when they are waiting in the drive thru. It's the funniest thing in the world. As soon as you let your foot off the brake, your brake light will turn off, of COURSE. Well this signals to the person behind you that they are about to move up and be ONE car link closer to their ZAXBY's. BUT I FOOLED THEM! It's the funniest thing and I about die laughing sitting in the drive thru by myself. You can do it around 5 times, over and over, and you can almost watch most people's heads just bob up and down. How funny. So if you are ever in a drive thru for a long time and preferably at NIGHT, this works great. Many of you might say that this is mean, well you are probably right. Forgive me, I'm man. And it gets my mind off the fact that Zaxby's is soooo good and I have to wait for it. MMMMMMM.