Friday, May 23, 2008

Parents Weekend

So I just surprised my parents in Houston. It is their 32nd wedding
anniversary and being the good son that I am, I booked them a San
Diego weekend:). They will be chillin in the regency suite at the
hyatt on mission bay. The really funny thing is that my dads first
flight was this morning. This is very ironic because I fly across the
country more times than I can count. They are booked first class on
the way back so they will get to see the joys of the air. :) My
parents work the hardest of any people I know and they have taught me
a lot. My mom has taught me a lot about sacrifice and putting others
first and my dad has taught me how to work hard. When you grow up
crawling under houses and in attics, you learn hard work very fast.

I am chillin in seat 1A and my parents are on the same plane as me,
this is so funny. I asked if one wanted my snooty seat but they chose
not so I will eat my breakfast and then take a nap.

Then we will take Diego by storm. :)

On a side note, Rob & Big is the funniest show on tv. If was still
consistently in Clemson, Tavaras and I would have to shoot our own
version since Rob & Big is going off the air :)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

American/Dutch Nephew

My lil nephew that I have only seen on one visit. Luca! He's going to be a Dutch Super Star. I only ask that my sister gives him sweet tea when he needs it, makes him say "yall"...
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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


There was a time, not too long ago when I spent a lot of my day not really sure where the time went. The past few months, I have had to discipline myself to every minute of my day and where it will go. This is not merely out of growth as a person, but more out of necessity!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Southern Cali

So I'm going to be famous. Not. But, I am going to be on my first tv show. I mean, I thought living in SoCal meant that you were supposed to be on tv. I will be heading up to LA on Monday night to be an extra on "Way of the Master" tv program. It will be at Grace Community Church which many of you know the pastor, John MacArthur. Ray Comfort I met a few years back and was supposed to meet up with him in Greenville to do some evangelism, but it ended up raining and we never got to go. Either way, I think this will be fun. For those of you who loved "Growing Pains", Kirk Cameron will also be on the set :)

It is against my better judgment to go because it will mean I will be on the road a lot on Monday, but hey, what's new. Plane or car, all the same. Well except I don't get those nice meals in the car :)

The show will be focused on unbiblical preachers and the top 10 ways they fill the church with false converts.

Friday, May 09, 2008

I thanked God today for my senses. You know those 5 things that you
learned as a kid. We can touch smell hear taste and see. Of course
those are listed in no particular order. He has magnificently designed
us. I am sitting in first class eating breakfast and just noticed how
good orange juice tastes and that fruit smells so sweet. I am looking
out the window and I can see pillows and pillows of clouds. I like
that we were made to enjoy. This sounds stupid but I like to enjoy
with people. When I eat sushi, I like to try the rolls at the same
time as the people around me.

If you are a Christian, one day we will sit at the table of the KING
and enjoy.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Confessions Friday

I'm one tired joker.  But tomorrow I hope to start my chance at breaking some Guiness World Records.  I've about earned enough frequent flyer miles in one week to take a free trip, that's not normal.

Flew in late last night, drove to Clemson in a pimped Volvo, thanks Alamo.  Worked til about 8:30 tonight, now staying at Ed and Julie's because my flight leaves at 6:40 out of GSP.

I will fly in to San Diego about 10:20AM.  Co-worker will take me to a job, we will install some equipment, verify it works, company gets paid a huge check, and I will get on a plane back to Charleston by 2PM, hopefully to pick-up my car that is all lonesome there. 

After this week, I plan on doing some major chillin and possibly see my lil sis play softball for the first time ever :(.  I will also see my mom for Mother's Day.  I finally talked them into taking a trip out to San Diego for their 32nd wedding anniversary.  My dad has never flown, ironic! 

If you haven't watched Mark Driscoll's sermon on Sin, you need to get on Itunes and download that, on the spot.

Okay, so my confession is that I have now worn the same boxers for going on two days and same socks.  Don't tell anyone.

This is hilarious

There was a time when I complained to someone about never getting to travel.  Oh I laugh at that day all the time.

I got the call today while I was working in San Diego, "you need to fly back to SC on the next flight out."  So I booked a flight from San Diego to Atlanta at 12:30 and I flew out at 2:40PM.  I arrived into Atlanta at 12:00AM and drove to Pendleton.  It's 3AM and I am about to go to bed.  I will do some very important work on Thursday, then fly back out on Friday morning, first flight out.  Then install some equipment in San Diego, then fly back to Charleston on Friday night's red-eye.  Then back to San Diego on Monday.  5 flights in like 5 days, across the country.  That is crazy, I don't care who ya are.  Fun season.

Monday, May 05, 2008

I laugh at the days to come

There is at least one time per week, that I just, well, with lack for a better word, just giggle and laugh. It's not a point where a man-card should be taken away, so go easy on me.

I flew in from San Diego on a red-eye Friday night/Saturday morning. I had the busiest and most stressful week of the year, got sick, trained and talked for 6 hours a day and still made it through. I told someone today that I wasn't sure how I made it through the week, and I felt awful, because it was a time when I should have said, "Jesus is totally how I got through this week." I don't know how, other than God, that my voice stayed throughout the week, I did have a steady stream of snot.

So I finally made it home to Greenville on Saturday morning, needed rest, overslept for a wedding which health-wise, didn't need to go to. Drove to Dillon, hung out with the family for a day, love them so much. Decided to drive out and meet a friend in Florence, that didn't happen, but I did check out a Barnes and Noble for a while. Stayed in Florence for too long and drove to Charleston to stay the night because my flight is at 6:43AM and Charleston is a heck a lot closer than Greenville or Charlotte. It's 2:36AM and I'm just checking into the hotel, and my alarm is set for 5, of course I had to laugh as I set the alarm. What a life. I will fly to San Diego for a few days of extreme work, then back to Charleston on Thursday about 10:30PM. This is a life I could never have imagined. This is not the life I will have, but right now, it's kinda fun and I almost feel like a nerd on tour. I'm not cool enough to be a rock star, but I still get to travel and feel like one sometimes. I found out my next door neighbor in San Diego is a sports agent and he told me he has 20 or so players, I was scared to ask who.

I feel the best when my life is in God's hands. I do not say that generically, but say that in a way that means I just don't have a clue and He's a much better manager than me. I do my thing with the liberty and freedom He gives me, but ultimately I know He is the final say. It seems lately I have been at an extreme peace about where I am right now and the choices I've made, He has given me a confidence that only comes from above. Not in a "I've got it figured out" kinda way, but in a "yeah, this life is a little scary, but keep going, I got your back and know your steps." My confidence is in what Jesus is going to do. I do laugh at the days to come because I think God is going to do some crazy things in whatever is next for me. He has brought some really strange and interesting paths the past few years and I'm excited to see what is ahead. Enthusiasm means..."En" "Theos". In God. I want to stay interconnected to Him and I want to stay excited about the eternal aspects of this life and I so want to stay away from the side-tracks this life can take me.

I bought a juicer a few years ago, and I've used it about 5 times. I really enjoy juicers and really, any kitchen gadget. But one thing I do with the juicer is make OJ. I throw in 405939 oranges or however many it takes to make a glass of fresh squeezed. I can't waste anything so after the juicing is done, I take handfuls of the pulp with no juice and eat it. I can't let anything go to waste.

I'm excited about eating the pulp of this life, nothing should be wasted.
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