Wednesday, December 20, 2006

sittin on the dock of...

Back from Cali.  Well kinda. I am sitting in ATL airport after flying all night and had a nice lil few hour layover that gave me enough time to reach the end of the internet.  I am seeing my bed in my head and how I am going to walk in, put my pj's on, yes it's okay for boyz to wear Pj's.   Then, I will turn my fan on, the noise will be really loud, and I will sleep hard core for a few hours!  This week was interesting.  It's crazy to be working on something that makes you stretch your brain big time. 

Also, if you are one of those people who constantly invites me to eat fatty food like everyday, (Rhett), please do not invite me.  I will be happy to eat a healthy meal with you in my house or yours, but I am refusing eating out this week!  I know Pat at Macs will give me crap about not visiting, and the girls at Zaxby's will frown, and the stock of Zaxby's will continue to drop...I must do what I have to do.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

they keep spinnin

So wow. The rims, they just keep spinning. We went up to West Virginia this weekend for some nice snow skiing :) We had an awesome time, such a good time, and such pain and tiredness that we decided to end a day early :) Instead of skiing all day on Sunday, we just sold our lift tickets and drove home. It was great snow and my "blades" were fun as usual, as well as the trail mix I found in my ski pockets from last year! ewwww, yummy. After spending a week of work in Houston, then straight to WV, then now in Southern Cali, I am beat! I woke up this morning at 4AM to fly to Los Angeles. I am just NOW getting in, I have almost been up an entire day!

It was an interesting day. I walk out of LAX and the first thing I see is a guy telling me I look like a movie star and have a nice beard. He then goes on to tell me how I can have inner peace. I hear him out and then look him straight in the eye and tell him with excitement that Jesus Christ has given me more peace than anything or anyone in the world and I will trust Him alone. He then went on to tell me that he trusts Him. I then tell him that he doesn't trust him completely, then he tries to tell me he does, then I tell him he is a hare chrishna and not trusting Jesus alone for the forgiveness of his sins. He then tells me to have a good afternoon :) I love Jesus and I love that in so many ways, He gave us no shady areas. He was clear on the essentials!

Now I'm off to bed in my HUGE KING SIZE bed with a white comforter, which is my new favorite kind of comforter. I have learned that if you stay in hotels enough, this is the best. I hope you are all well and sharing what you learn, now go serve your King.

Friday, December 15, 2006

this crazy life

So I never thought I would pack a bag a day before a unscheduled trip only to get back to unpack dirty clothes, try to find clean clothes, and pack for another unscheduled trip. I thought was going to California this week, I was told on Monday that I would be going to Houston. I spent this past week in Houston and got home late tonight and just got settled in. I leave for work tomorrow morning, then to West Virginia to ski, then back Sunday night. Sleep at my buddy Ed and Julie's and then head out to LA for another week at 6AM Monday. It's crazy when you look back a few years and your thoughts then about what you would be doing now. I never would have thought I would be where I am and doing what I am doing. I know the Lord is preparing something for my future. It seems like in these times I just imagine what it would have been like for Jesus to swing a hammer and miss a nail and hit his finger. He was familiar with us. He was one of us. I wonder when He was swinging the hammer, how often He was thinking of what the next few years would hold in his ministry. He was probably around my age and probably started his ministry around the age of 30. These thoughts keep me entertained. I am taking this time to learn about life, people, and food. I am such a pig, all I do is eat. I woke up this morning, put on a brand new pair of slacks and in the buttoning process, wondered how the button was going to get into the hole. Don't act like you haven't been there.

Also, a close friend of mine got married a few weeks ago. I didn't really go into great detail in talking about their wedding, but it was awesome. I just love the rehearsal dinner. I kinda feel girly because I really do look forward to someday being around my closest friends in a setting like that. Here is a clip from my toast. Not the burned bread, but the wedding rehearsal dinner :)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Sometimes I think, I am a very simple man. I am not picky when it comes to food. There are only 3 things that I just do not like. Raw Onions, Spicy Mustard, and Black Olives. Everything else is great.

I also realized that I am very simple when I noticed I have a phone in my bathroom right beside the toilet. It made me happy. I

It should not have made me that happy.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

a little help please

I flew into Houston tonight and was reminded of how humid it is in Texas. As soon as you get out the airport, you feel like you just got out the shower. It's such a great feeling. I'll be working hard for a week and we will have fun.

I've realized something about myself. When I am away from my "normal" life, aka, being at home, something happens. I can't quite explain it, it's like all the distractions are gone and I can think a lot more clearly. I checked into my hotel tonight and realized that I haven't really studied the Bible in a long time. I sat here at the desk and came to the conclusion that I'm really complacent right now. It's crazy how sin can make you so clueless. I think I've really been clueless for at least a year in my spiritual growth. I think you get deceived because you still care about the things of God and showing people their way to Him, but you get comfortable. I realized that I never ask people to pray for me. I have always felt like it was a burden to ask people things like that and I've realized that I'm a prideful man. I am really tired of myself and tired of waiting for what's around the corner in my life. I feel like I am waiting for this ministry that is just going to appear and I'm going to get to travel around and teach people how to reach others for Christ. As I sit here, God is totally telling me that maybe I should just try with the place He has given me. Dang. It's really neat what happens when you read the Bible. You can take a prideful heart about 15 minutes ago and the Bible can chisel a few tears out of a man. I was reading tonight in Hebrews 2 that Jesus tasted death for us. He was made lower than angels for a time and He tasted death for me. I was shaving my entire face tonight and sometimes you accidentally pluck a hair, 1 hair, and man does it hurt. In Isaiah 50 it says that Jesus gave His back to be beaten, his beard to be plucked...what...his beard. He laid all of this down for us, He tasted death for our sins, He left his place on high, for a sinful man like me, he came to die. (I love that song).

So I say all that to say please pray for me. I struggle with focus and have a hard time settling down. I think God has me in a corporate job and a normal life for a season to teach me things. I am tired of being complacent and desire to change. Whew, I feel better.

Monday, December 11, 2006

manly, arrrrrr

I'm not a John Eldredge fan and really have never liked his books.  Anywho, I couldn't help but think of him this weekend because it was a get 'er done weekend.  Being a homeowner, you are faced with things like the garage door not working, the garbage disposal breaks, and the hot water heater isn't doing you like it should.  Saturday was take the garbage disposal apart with roomie Eddie, check.  There is nothing like taking something completely apart and putting it back together and the sound you hear after you get all the pieces in line.  Ahhh, we can now throw pieces of food, oranges, and small kittens down there again...I mean...Next it was on to the Hot water heater.  My wife (saunders gibbes), wait, that's a joke.  Anywho, he had been saying that we didn't have much hot water and I noticed the same.  Not that we shower together.  Gross.  Well it would be a way to save water but highly homosexual.  Crawled under the house and was reminded of my father.  My dad is the hardest working man I know.  Even over 50, he still crawls under houses and fixes peoples' heat pumps.  I was reminded that he taught me about hard work and you should always do things right the first time.  I remember sticking around jobsites an extra hour just to make sure the smallest details were done right.  Most people would have left, not my dad, he did it right.  So I was reminded of those childhood days of crawling under houses and thankful that my house has a huge crawl space.  Honestly, why am I sharing all this, I really wanted to just say that I got the hot water heater fixed.  Now to test it out, what do you do?  You take an extremely long shower! OF course!  It was a good excuse and I was reminded in there that I have too many plans.  I have a huge struggle with focus.  I have so many things I want to do and I never really stop to just do one of them.  I sit around and think of all the things I want to do.  I have made up mind to stop doing this and do at least one of my projects. 

On another note, I thought I was going to Cali this week, but a change of plans, now I'm heading out to Houston tomorrow and then West Virginia!  Woo hoo!  And another note, thanks to my big brother and his kindness and connections, I got my first radio commercial!  It will air in Florence, SC for about a week, and I think around 70 times.  Poor people, they are going to be tired of hearing about the mortgage business :)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sandy won't like this

So many people joke about Sandy and I being roomies and think it's funny. I have proof that I am the man of the relationship :)

For those who do not know, Sandy is a boy.

something that matters

I usually try to share things on my blog that encourage people or make them laugh.  Today is for your encouragement cup :)

Plane Grounds Because of Flatulence

There are many things you don't want to be known for.  This happens to be one of them.  I wish there was more to the story.  What did she eat?  Where did she get the food from?  These are valid questions.