Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Take some responsibility

The Lord has been teaching me to be more responsible. I've begun to notice that there are many people who don't take responsibility for their actions and many other things. I really appreciate people who handle their affairs correctly and get things done, they are my role models. Here goes my soap box...

So many times in Christian and church circles, when a big decision needs to be made, it will all fall back onto God. Mainly in relationships. It's known as pulling the "god card." I don't spell 'God' with a capital G because He is not in the 'god card.' What is the 'god card'? Well I'm glad you asked. The card is pulled in a relationship where you are not happy anymore. Nothing is sinful about it, it might actually look "good" on the outside. But at some point, one of the parties in the relationship becomes unhappy and needs a way out. Well instead of being honest and telling other person in a tactful way, they pull the card. See what the 'god card' does is it takes the focus off yourself and your real reasons for ending things and places it on the Lord as if it's Him that wants to break up and not you. Now don't get me wrong, there are times when the Lord does lead you out of a relationship. People really believe that during the "crusades," they were doing the Lord's work. They honestly believed that killing catholics or killing protestants was of the Lord. Listen, everything that happens in this life can be used by the Lord, even sin, but we shouldn't blame everything situation on Him. C'mon people. Take some responsibility. Mainly lately, I've seen and just heard about some really sketchy things in Christian circles and that's sad. We should be who people look to for guidance in all situations in life: finances, living, relationships, marriage, etc.

Stop being sketchy and tell the truth.


Friday, March 25, 2005

Who are you?

I wonder who made up the saying, "you are what you eat?" That's a funny saying and I don't know what made me think about it, but I did.

So yesterday was my birthday, I turned 25 and my insurance was literally cut in half. Now I have more money per month to do good or fun things with. My boy Ed organized a party last night for my birthday and invited all my friends. One thing I love about doing anything as a big group is that some of my friends don't even know each other. A few times during the night someone would whisper "Who is that?" I love that. I love that my friends are from all over the place and all different, some strange, but all special :). We went to Wild Wing and it was fun. Afterwards, we hit marble slab, then CORNER POCKET to shoot some pool.

So back to friends. When I was younger and opening presents, I rarely liked to get cards. The only cards I liked were the long skinny ones that I immediately knew had money in them. Over the years, I've come to love cards. I couldn't wait to get home last night so I could read all the cards people sent me. Rachel gave me a "pail" and a digital camera case and I used the "pail" to put all my cards in. Well if u don't know, I consider anything under 5 gallons, a pail. Anyway. I read through these cards and just thanked the Lord for giving me the friends I have. They all have shaped me in their own special way. I keep everything, I have cards all the way back from high school and even before that. I have to force myself to throw some stuff away.

So back to friends. I am moving right now and was just going in and out of the house carrying stuff when I saw a box leaning on the door of the house. One of my friends had sent me at least 10-15 cds from Tommy Nelson's church. I did not immediately go to the cds but to the card. It's amazing the power words can have on a life. I read it and was literally broke down. I think most Christians that have those times in your life when you know the Lord is trying to push you to something and of course He is using people to show you and encourage.

Proverbs says : "Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof." And in 18:20, "A man's belly shall be satisfied with the fruit of his mouth; and with the increase of his lips shall he be filled."

If you are reading this, most likely you are one of my friends and I thank you for being that. If you are reading this and I don't know you, I might see you on the road one day, I LOVE TO PICK UP YOU STRANGERS!

So CIU, your own Erin Sanders thought it would be funny to give me a "Free Panty" card from VS. I'm not sure what would motivate her to do such a thing! Keith Norris is also pictured here and quite excited about my gift. Or maybe it was getting his picture taken :)

For some reason, the girls put Huli up to putting a moist towlette in my back pocket. I'm not really sure why, but everyone seemed to think it was funny.

Clips from Birthday

Linds dad can blow things up.
Yes, not sure, but these are my friends.

The party would not be complete without "bad andy". Yes, in the flesh.

No CIU, Erin was not at Wild Wing, a place that serves alcohol :) Haha. I'm glad you came Erin!

Yes ladies and gents, these are my favorite Asian friends. Well, Julie isn't really Asian but she does a good impression. Well and Linds is only half. Remember, this is General Antonio Taguba's daughter, you must salute her.

It wouldn't be a complete party if these girls were not involved. Scott was forced to sit with them because he dates Lisa :) Jodi, Rachel (who got me a phat hardshell camera case that Dave Ramsey let her buy :) and Lisa Mannnnnn, Scott, and MANDI! aka, Amanda. Fun Fun Fun.

So Ed made the comment that this picture is just like a "Reverse Oreo." haha. Poor Tabronkias. All up in the middle of it :) Chris McDuffie on the left and Ed on the far right. :) Dillon Boyz and Tabronkias is honorary.

Former Winthrop Women! Courtney, Marnie, Erin, and Hulihoop! What great friends!

I'm not really sure what Courtney was trying to serve up here, but Lee was pretty excited about his picture being taken. He got me a card and a gift card to Barnes & Noble! What a great gift!

Yes, this is one of my favorite nurses, Melanie Reid. AKA, former clemson cheerleader and now cheerleading coach for C L E M S O N. One of the sweetest you will meet. Loves Jesus too!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

FelloWhip of the Believer

How do we make horses run faster? Well the jockey will use a whip. You've seen the big races on the tv, they keep hitting the horse, over and over.

Tonight I had dinner with a few friends before I went to a company function. Lee asked me if I knew of any believers that had "real fellowship" after college. I couldn't really think of anybody that had anything close to that. Sure, we have friends we hang out, friends we talk Bible with, and friends we pray with. But do we really have the type of fellowship that causes us to follow Christ closer? That causes us to be honest, almost brutally honest.

We went around the table and started talking about the quirky little things that each of us does. I brought up the fact that Tabronkias always says..."ahhh man shoot." It's so funny. We went around and how Lee always says, "oh yeah." How Rach didn't like to be "touched". Then they were going to talk about me, well I didn't really like that idea.

The Lord has been dealing with me for a long time about joining a church and being an active part of it. Maybe even starting an evangelism training program. I've always felt like I was on the outside and since I was called to the ministry, that'd probably be the best place for me. I was challenged tonight. As I was riding home, I was thinking about what my life would be like in a few years etc etc. What am I doing to get there? etc etc. A close friend calls out the blue. I just spent over 2 hours on the phone being majorly challenged. I don't think in my life, I've ever had someone challenge me and get up close and personal in my grill. Have I fooled that many people into thinking I've got it all together or do that many people just not tell the truth. Probably both. It's rare when I tell someone the truth and really try to spur them on to correct parts of their life. I'm totally rambling. I didn't like the chiding at first. But as I heard my friend keep telling me things and how they have prayed for me, it began to make sense. All the things I know the Lord has been dealing with are coming to surface through a friend I don't even talk to on a daily basis or weekly basis for that matter. How do we know God is real? Well He surely orchestrates these divine appointments.

In all meetings in corporate america, you discuss, then you develop "action items." These are items that you take responsibility of and agree to carry out. So out of this conversation with an honest friend, I'm spurred to carry things out and seek God in a deeper way.

It all goes back to this. How much of this life are we missing out on because we fail to have real believers' fellowship? How is that developed? In two hours, it got easier for me to hear my faults and problems come from another person. I bet if we lived it out daily, it would become a lot easier and actually be somewhat welcomed. My friend tonight didn't come at me to hurt me, but to help me and spur me on to something good.

So I usually write about everything from peeing on a best friend, breastfeeding, tampon commercials, and witnessing. But tonight, I guess I write because I need prayer in this area and I wish I wasn't so prideful. Pride is the reason we don't challenge each other, and pride is the reason we do not like to be challenged. It has to be.

Do you have real fellowship?

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Blog Blast from the past

It's really funny when you start trying to organize your life. I'm not good at it and very disorganized. I need help. I like hearing Adrian Despres talk about what he was like before he got married, messy and disorganized. He got married and his wife's love language is "clean and organized." Ha. So he's now clean and organized. Maybe that's what it will take por mi.

It's fun to go back and read your own blog, you almost forget some of the dumb stuff you have done and said. Here is a blast from the past.

If heaven was a pie, it would be cherry, so cool, sweet and heavy on the tongue. Just one bit could satisfy your hunger and there would always be enough for everyone. MMMMMMMMMMM. Good song.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Woe to Me

You ever catch yourself wondering which Biblical character you would get along with best? Short people might like Zacheus. People that were once scandalous might find David interesting. Or maybe if you have skills with the bowstaff or sling shot. If you were a girl who made mistakes physically in the past, you might find comfort in Mary Magdalene. Maybe you don't talk real "good"...Isaiah is your man. You feel like your too young to do what God has called you to, maybe Timothy (1 Tim. 4:12) can spur you along. Are you really hairy? Well so were Elijah and John the Baptist. Maybe you are a busy body like Martha and just need to relax like Mary, there is something in the Bible for you. Have you denied Christ? Even cursed and said that you do not know Him? Peter struggled there too, but after he repented, Jesus said He would build his church with him. Notice that when Peter denied and didn't share Christ, he later cried when he saw Jesus' face. He went out and wept and repented of what he had done. Peter did not die normally, it is said that he died upside down because he felt unworthy to be crucified like Christ was.

Here is the thing. The Bible seems to cover about everything you can possibly think of. The things it doesn't cover are probably on the "don't need to know" basis or maybe Jesus wants us to depend on Him more in those areas. I don't understand everything about salvation. I understand the process, but I do not understand who God calls and who He doesn't and if that's even true. What I do understand is that He commanded us to make disciples. It was not a gentle suggestion. It was a command. 1 Cor. 9, Paul says "woe to me if I don't preach the gospel." Does it make a difference? Woe to you when you do not preach the gospel. There are so many times that I fail to share the Lord with people I know He has called me to share with. I struggle with that. Do you think the devil would prod you when you don't share your faith? Do you really think there is enough good in us, our flesh, to feel bad when we don't share with people. I seriously doubt it. Maybe it's the Holy Spirit's whisper. We should be like Peter, after failing to be a witness went and wept bitterly. The Bible says he actually dropped a curse word when he said he didn't know Jesus. "I don't know the *#$(#*$ guy." Just imagine that tone, anger, and action. The next verse, Jesus looks at him as the rooster crows. Peter repents and moves on.

"Test yourselves to see if you are in the faith; examine yourselves!" (2 Cor. 13:5)

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I have been going through random photos and found this one. I worked for Clemson one summer and helped teach a Bioinformatics class. We got to teach the class again down at the University of Juarez in Mexico. I'm the lonesome white kid in the back. Great group of people!

My sister works for the United Nations and lives in Amsterdam, cool job, interesting sister. This is a picture she sent me about a year ago. She loads kids in this thing :) Not her kids, but some she babysat. Carolina Grads! Man if that was my bike, I would put some rims on that joker and yes, they'd be spinnin. Imagine being in college and wheeling this piece of metal around campus. I'd def. pimp that. Load my fly honies up in the front, maybe even take them out to eat.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Big or Small

We all can do something to further His name in this world. I get so excited when I hear about Christians doing big things. Big steps, Big moves. You have probably recently heard about Brian Welch from Korn. Please read their site, explaining his story. He came to know Jesus and is quitting the band. The 2nd thing he wanted to do was to reach 50 cent. Who better to reach 50 cent than another musician. The article is here. Who do you care about reaching out to? My problem is not the care, it's the follow through. They are both the same thing, the end product of that sin is that people don't hear. We are not called to be the "frozen chosen." I need prayer in this area.

Nobody is too far from the Lord to be saved. You don't have to "do" anything. Do you think the thief on the cross was ever even baptized. Nope. Did he ever get to tithe? Nope. Did he ever even witness to anyone? Nope, not directly but he will forever be remembered in the Bible as a great example of mercy and grace. Talk about a witness. He didn't even get a chance to read a Bible. Repent of your sins and believe.

So I went on a tangent, but I'm excited for this guy from Korn. He's already written the song for 50 cent and he is going to give it to him. Another guy I know of witnessed to Eminem in a song, it was actually a funny song and so true.

You know, we have all done some stupid things. But what in the world? He is all grown up now, think he went to Carolina. I kid, I kid.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Think Twice

In college, a classmate of mine wrote her thesis on the breakdown of marriage. She shared statistics about divorce rates and reasons for failure. Well over 50% of marriages will end in divorce. The US has the worst divorce rate of about any country. Studies also show that couples that "cohabitate" before marriage are 80% more likely to be divorced. Did you hear that? You are already going into it with bad stats against you, then add to that the whole cohabitation thing, you're not going to have a chance.

Why cheat yourself? One of my boyz told me the greatest part of getting married wasn't even the honeymoon, it was the fact that they could go home and be together. Can you have that when you have been living together? Nope. The only thing that will change is the piece of paper that you both sign. It just seems that you are cheating yourself by doing this. If people spent as much time planning for their marriage as they do for their wedding, we might have a strong family structure in the US. Nope, we don't.

I hope this doesn't come off as "I've got this whole thing figured out." Believe me, I don't. The sad part is that divorce is just as bad in the church as it is outside the church, YUCK.

Tommy Nelson has a talk about Solomon and the soldiers that surrounded him. Great article.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Can I get a What What

So let me preface this blog and put a disclaimer: "I, Justin Tanner am a single man and in no way pretend to know what I am talking about. Iam merely spreading my opinion like peanut butter at 12AM snack."

Men need jugulars. Think about how dating works. A man must approach the female. In rare cases do women approach men and Tommy Nelson says that if this happens, you should run. I like to call those kinda girls Bathshebas or Proverbs 7 women. Anyway. So think about it with
me. The whole dating process works differently in every situation. Sometimes, it's clear that you can "get the girl." She has given all the clear signs, all you need to do is harvest the crop. Whether the signs came from what people told your or from the girl herself, they
are there and you have confidence. I will be honest here. I do not have $*#($# like most guys. I rarely have asked girls out in my life. Mainly because I'm usually not interested enough to want that. I think something happened in 3rd grade that messed me up for life. lol.

The cutest girl in school, whom Ed dated. Well were in 3rd grade, this consisted of sharing milk and maybe passing notes. Well her name was Kim. I got enough courage to ask her if she liked me. It took me a LONG time. I was scared! If I could show you a picture of myself
in the 3rd grade, I would. Imagine a dirty-blonde headed kid with the same size head I have now and the same size ears. I was struggling then too. Well I walked up right after class and said

JT: "Do you like me?" (enter and braces stage right)
Kim: "No!" (exits abruptly with stamina)

This is what I like to call, being "shutdown." I learned this early in my life. Some guys just don't care, they get "shutdown" all the time. Some might say they have *#*(#, but I just say they are stupid.haha.

So back to this thing called dating. Girls, I know you get the shaft a lot of time because guys don't communicate to you. For them, I apologize. I'm a communicator now but haven't always been, forgive me for I have sinned. But for a guy to communicate, girls have to give
signals! You don't have to try and make out with a guy to show him you like him. You don't have to take your shirt off either Proverbs 7 women. It's just funny to think about dating and how this whole thing works. I was listening to some things today in my ramblings and it
made me think of all these random things.

History Channel @ 9

If you went to Clemson, you remember Jonathan Dickson. Crazy guy. That crazy guy will be on "Breaking Vegas" tonight at 9 on the History Channel. Tune in. Jonathan plays an MIT professor!

Monday, March 07, 2005


So I got a preview of what marriage is like today.

Since I don't have a girlfriend or even a wife for that matter, sometimes my friend Ed's wife, Julie does nice things for me. Yesterday, she let me eat dinner at their house.

Today she packed me a lunch. I had baked spaghetti, a bag of cookies, and some crackers for a snack. I won't share the note she left in there for me. Just kidding Edward.

I could get used to this idea, I hear there are other benefits of marriage....like....ummm....well....on Saturday nights....ummm, you could play CRANIUM!

Spittin Truth and that hurts

Read this.

Those are Jesus' words. Does this sound like the Jesus that most churches preach about? Does this sound like a watered down message? Did Jesus just say Hell? Did he say that these teachers had the ability to shut heaven in people's faces? Did he call someone twice the son of Hell? He said that we shouldn't call people 'father' here on Earth. There are so many things in this chapter. Just blows me away.

Why are we so afraid to speak the truth. It's much easier to say things behind someone's back. Wouldn't you agree? Or you could justify it and say, "Well they probably wouldn't listen anyway." Or we could say, "I'm sure they have heard it before."

As I was driving in this morning, I was thinking about the things that cause me to NOT speak truth when I know I ought to. Pride. Shame. Fear. Why do these things grip us? Gosh I hope I die to those things soon.

I look at all my friends and realize that I am almost always encouraged by them. That's the easy part. The part that is often tough is to challenge our brothers and sisters. I write this to give all my friends full permission to challenge me in all aspects of my life. Iron sharpens Iron. We live our lives like butter knives instead, not cutting much.

On a less serious note, some blogs have started calling people out from high school actions. Uhh Umm. I am just going to say that I have an arsenal of things to talk about :). I love all of you.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

I'm a wanderer

Always on the go! I really think I'm trying to soak up my single life. It seems like every weekend, we have been somewhere! One day I guess I'll have a boo and the random travels on the weekend won't be so easy.

I went up to Rock Hill for an FCA FUNdraiser Banquet. Tommy Bowden was the speaker. I have to be honest. I am very critical of speakers. I heard Coach Bowden speak years ago; he was mediocre. I considered him a football coach who got to speak places. Thursday night was quite different. I'll echo Moody and say that he was incredible. He quoted more scripture than most preachers do. The night was all about the fundamentals of knowing Christ. He went through proofing the Bible to knowing Jesus personally. Coach Bowden has been reading his Word. I was encouraged by hearing him! And a lot of money was raised for FCA, which is a great thing.

The Winthrop crew is fun. They have always been a source of great encouragement to me through the years. I hope I have to them also. Looking through my phone today, I have a timer on it. I used to keep up with the time of all my phone calls, I would have single one person calls for hours! My phone bills were hilarious, I would sort them. Well all that to say, that I looked today, since last year, I have talked over 4 days on the telephone. That's 4 times 24 hours! Thinking about all that time and wondering how much of that time was spent talking about life and how much was fluff. Life and death are in the power of the tongue, those who love it, eat it's fruit. (Proverbs 18:21). Life. MmMmmmm.

New Pictures Here!

A 6 year old at the Y talking about girls!

Do you ever wonder about the hand that drove the nails? I wonder what happened to that man? One of the greatest things about Jesus is that same man could be with us in heaven one day. Grace and Mercy are that good.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

More Videos

So now that I can post videos, I think this is so fun!

#1 This video is one reason Ed is my boy. All the other kids were running, but not Ed. He was...well...you'll see.

#2 This is what happens when you live in Easley and well...you'll see.

#3 This is what happens when you try and kick a field goal with "slides" on. Slides are shoes that don't have a back on them, much like flip flops.


So I never am home, so I never cook. I live on the road eating wherever I can. I am forcing myself not to eat out for lunch for one month. I spent more money that I wanted to on the digital camera, so to feel better about myself, I'm saving a hundred or so by bringing my lunch. So back to the food. So driving in to Easley late Monday night, I realized that Zaxby's was closed. Eating healthy is tough too, I've tried to cut out a lot of bad stuff! Well, I decide to pull in at another fast-food chain. You know what is the most pathetic thing. Well let me tell you. It's when the people at the fast-food places recognize your voice on the speaker. This should not happen! I have "Yea, he is definitely single and definitely not married!" stamped on my head, ha. Get a life dude, eat at home. I have to admit, it is quite funny. This is not the first time. I'm recognized around Easley. I think I shared this before but one time, eating at Roly Poly Sandwich-shop, a girl started staring at me. This does not happen often, the only time girls stare at me is if something is on my face or mistake me for dumbo. Well, this girl stares and finally I just stare back at her. Well she knows me, has seen me eat at Zaxby's a lot! This is more evidence that I'm pathetic. But guess what. I'm happy!

Postmortem Ridgecrest at a special place. I'm not even sure what the sign means in the background.


Here are a few RANDOM videos from the weekend. Yes, I got the coolest digital camera ever.

For these links, just (right click on the link and 'save target as')
Stevie G and me working the IPOD
Bert & Ernie Sleep like this.
Yes I can say repentance and quiet time.
More from Bert n Ernie.

Collide With Nashville

I live on the road. The road has become a good friend of mine over the past two years. Every single weekend, I am somewhere doing something. My boy Grier spoke of this Nashville trip and I was DOWN! Left work a little early on Friday and hit the road. Met Jason and Bradley at the NC Welcome Center and that's where it all began.

Picked up the Howie Day'snew album, "Stop all the World Now." What a great buy. "Collide" became our theme song for the weekend. Lyrics. "Even the best fall down sometimes, even the wrong words seem to rhyme, out of the doubt that fills my mind, i somehow find, you and I COLLIDE." Just a taste! We spent many hours on the road, at one point telling 10 year olds Happy Birthday during a traffic jam. What else were we to do. So we get to Nashville and see Other Cody. We just hung out Friday night so we could be charged up for Saturday. We gained one hour going there because of time change, so that's good! Woke up Saturday, went to eat breakfast. I had the greatest french toast ever. Man! We then went to Centennial Park. If you ever go to Nashville, you must make a visit to this park. It's huge. We just played Frisby and then heard about this "special tree." Well this tree was the coolest thing. It was a magnolia tree in the entrance to the park. We all climbed up this tree and in the top were hammocks! Imagine that. There were at least 5-6 up there. They weren't your typical hammocks. Some great people had made these out of special climbing rope and had woven them together. We all stayed up there for at least an hour. It was a beautiful day. Stevie G joined up with us and I got to meet Stevie G's friend Jesse Lee. We then left the park and went back for some charge up time aka, naps.

Charged up, it was time to hit the town. I have never been so excited to go out on the town. We started out by eating at the "coupe." Fun time and a great atmosphere. Cody's friend Lindley joined us. Wow. Sitting at a table with doctors. Boy did I feel dumb. I'm glad I have smart friends! We left and decided to stop by the BlueBird. Man. We couldn't stay long but next time I'm in Nashvegas, I'm setting up a rendevous there! What a pimped out place. So small and such a good atmosphere. Just sit around people playing guitar and singing their songs. When we left, the girl said, "here is a song about Jesus." Man, we had to leave! So we hit the town.

I know this is a boring blog but Jason covered a majority of the funny stuff and I just wanted to write about things we did. So bore on. Well it was time to hit the town for some HONKEY TONKIN! HONKEY TONKIN is when you just hit the town and go from bar to bar listening to country music and dancing. There are bands playing in every place. We found one we really liked and hung out there. Got smokey and walked outside with Stevie, hung out behind the Opry. Saw Craig Morgan and Miranda Lambert. Holla! Then went back in Tootsie's and experienced something I never have before, among many things. Well, I met "Cool Cody." Cool Cody was the band's cheerleader. He just stood on the stage and danced. He really does give the best high fives, EVER! We listened to so many songs and just sang along and danced with Cool Cody and other "random" people. We stayed up so late and then well, it wasn't over. We listened to country the whole night so it was time for some good ole booty music. We found the Red Iguana. It was fun fun, for a little while, then we saw some things that we could have done without. It was time to leave, haha. Still a great time. They played Michael Jackson, "beat it". WOOOO HOOOO. Great song. We ended our Honkey Tonkin night.

Woke up on Sunday and went to Midtown fellowship. Community church started by a few presby guys. Great church and good atmosphere. Atmosphere of a community church, but a good mix of contemporary hymns and good teaching. I saw 3 Clemson people! How random is that. One walked right up to me and then glanced..."wait, what are you doing here?" Haha. Then I found Michael Gilbert, another friend from Clemson, years ago. Random! Left church, went to eat with some new friends. I realized something at lunch. I'm not saying this in a boastful way either. All my Dillon boyz have such a way of bonding around each other. When we meet people, it's like instant fun. I think because we are so lame and pathetic that people feel sorry for us and the way we talk. We laughed our head off at lunch and of course, we always bring up the point that Jason is going to be a geriatric gynecologist. This usually brings about 10 minutes of good conversation, then laughter. Who says these things!

All this boring blog just to say that it was one of the greatest weekends. I really just appreciate my friends and how much they mean to me. Even as I was typing this, one called to tell me GREAT things the Lord is doing. Community is so important to keep us in check and to encourage. If I ever do anything sketchy, I know I have friends that will call me on it. That's good news. So all this boring blog to say that I love my friends and the Lord.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Ladies, behind this mask is the man of your dreams. Pure man, full of Jesus, and well maybe sometimes a lil sugar in his tank. I love you man!

Pictured here is one of the classic photo ops of the trip. It's a clash of the Cody's. Cool Cody on left and Other Cody on right. You are looking at history.

Jason and Cody Carpenter, it's all about pair-bonding when making a trip to Nashville. Ummm I mean, well nevermind. Oh the love.

Ladies, you are looking at a pure specimen of God's creation and I mean pure, foam soap washing clean fun! Bradley Oliver! Yes his initials are B.O. What a great guy!