Monday, August 04, 2008

Organic Fruit

So I took it easy this weekend for the most part. I've been guilty of too much "go go go" since I've been out here. I went to church this AM and came back to the condo for the rest of the day. Lisa and Scott Freeman surprised me from SC and stopped by with their little girl Riley. So Cute. I spent some time with them and then they went about church planting business. They are starting a church out here called "Elevate."

Most of the day I spent doing things like cleaning and veggin out. It was good to relax and not really have any major responsibility for the day.

Since I took this job here, I've realized that I need at least one day a week to veg out. You can start to take yourself too serious if you don't have a good down time day. Sounds like it was God's idea? Hmmm.

If you spend most of the day in a one bedroom / loft, you might make videos like this. I'm sorry.

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Daniel & Candice said...

Hey you! Your too funny. The comment about Richard Simmons....well, it wins funniest comment of the year.

We miss you too...and would love to trek it up to your neck of the woods sometimes.

p.s. I love that Keith Urban is in your background music. Nice touch.