Monday, March 26, 2007

The Stripclub

So I made it to  Houston and found my way through the mobs of traffic.  I think I have an idea on how we can fight the fanny pack mafia.  See, those men that are walking around airports wearing fanny packs, they must be stopped.  As I look at some of them, I realize that they are someone's father, maybe even someone that might read this blog.  I have figured out how to stop this epidemic.  I want you to go call any man or woman in your family tonight and make sure they are not "wearing."  Fanny packs, that I know of, were never cool.  ESPECIALLY if you are a man, you should not EVER wear a fanny pack.  So if someone in your family is "wearing", please warn them.
So I went to eat Sushi tonight and sat at the bar alone.  It's neat eating by yourself sometimes, you discover new things about yourself.  I've realized that when I am alone, I am not super super outgoing and my normal crazy guy self.  I am much more laid back and quiet.  I downed a lot of sushi and headed out.  I ran into a man who needed a few dollars to catch a bus.  He was probably one of the most interesting men I've met on the street.  I usually never believe what they say.  This guy's name was Tommy and I think I believed him.  His speech was very well and he was very educated.  Long story short, I was able to share the gospel with him after he shared stories of the strip club across the street.  I love listening to people talk about strip clubs, boobs, and other nasty stuff when all along I know I am going to share the gospel with them.  These are the easiest because they cannot lie to you and say they are this super Godly Christian.  This guy told me his story and said that he had lost millions in the Enron scandal and also when his restaurant was closed down because a delivery person killed someone while on duty.  We talked a little about money and this guy really knew his stuff.  We talked about evolution, this guy knew his stuff.  I told him that none of anything we said mattered unless he knew Jesus.  He went on and on.  We talked about Matthew 7 where Jesus says that some will say to him on judgement day, "we did all these things in your name.." and He says, "Depart from me you workers of iniquity, I never you."  I told Tommy that those were the scariest words in the Bible for me.  Those words often sober my thoughts and make me analyze myself and whether I really "know" Him.  Tommy thanked me for talking to him and I thanked him for the same.  I told him to go out and share the gospel and to quit going to strip clubs :)
The most amazing part of this story is that this man raved and raved about Lakewood Church, home of Joel Osteen.  Gosh I want to run into Joel.  I'll hug the craziness out of him.  :)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hair Loss, Color Change, and Fighting Fat

So I celebrated yet another year of being alive and turned the ripe nice age of 27. It never ceases to amaze me how fast the years fly. I feel like just yesterday I was jumping on an old dirtbike my dad went and bought me when I was maybe 13. Now I think back and that was almost 14 years ago! Props to my many friends who called and sent me nice text messages. Major props to my mommy who sent me a goody basket filled with some of the best brownies I have had. It was filled with a wind chime which I have already hung and another sign that you are old when you super enjoy getting a wind chime for your birthday. It was also filled with some healthy and some not-so-healthy snacks! I love my mommy.

It's amazing the times you realize how important time is.

1. On the way to the airport as you are fighting traffic.
2. After you have went the 2nd round at the carwash and have no more quarters.
3. When you find Jesus at 65 and think back on the time you missed in this life.
4. At the Zaxby's drive-through at 10:01.
5. When a friend passes away.

I really am trying to focus on the NOW of my life and stop thinking about the future. I struggle so much with that, it makes me miss the big and small opportunities. I want to have fun in this life and run a strong race that Jesus can be proud of. I want to recline at His table in glory and not feel like I wasted it. I've noticed in my nice age of 27 that I don't have time for people to complain, so I will complain about them. :) I haven't encouraged other people as much as God has encouraged me. I haven't given as much as God has given me.

I'm off for another week on the road. I'm going to be working in an area where reportedly there were 6 people shot in the same week. This is encouraging. You can say a prayer that I don't get hit by a drive-by in Houston, I'm not joking by the way. The last time I was there, I was cussed out just by standing with my computer in my hand. If you are my friend, I love you, if you aren't, I love you too.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

and..Clemson Wins

Went to the last home Clemson basketball game. What an awesome game, they had general admission and the place was packed. Over 10,000 people!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Good times

So I got to hang with some friends from college this past Friday. I also got to confirm that Lisa "mann" Freeman's baby was indeed not Tavaras Brockman's baby. This baby has red hair and is definitely not Tavaras's baby. Lisa had talked about for many years, the fact that she wanted to have a black baby. Tavaras was the most likely candidate for this job. It is confirmed, Tavaras is not the baby's daddy :) We had a good time at Wild Wing and it makes you realize how much of a grownup you are when your friends bring their kids out to dinner now :) Her baby is adorable.

In other news, my 2nd commercial aired this week in Florida! I want so badly to be able to do this on a more consistent basis! It would be one of those great bonuses of life if I could do that. I took a break away for a little but now I'm back!

Dear Ebay User

Dear Ebay User,

I am genuinely concerned about your knowledge of how eBay works.  EBay is an auction based internet site that allows anyone with a computer and an Internet connection to sell things on the Internet.  It opens you up to a world of people willing to buy your "stuff."  I have purchased on eBay and had a great experience.  I've sold items on eBay as well as traveled long distances to buy items.  I am writing to you now because I am concerned about the way you bid.  If an item has 5 days before the auction ends AND it is an item that you are interested in buying, please place the item on your "WATCH" list.  This will keep a marker for you and emails will keep you updated on how many days are left in the auction.  This will give you a chance to evaluate whether or not this is the right purchase for you.  #1 rule of ebay is to NEVER place a bid until there are just a few minutes left in the auction.  I normally don't like to bid unless there is about 2 minutes left in the auction.  If you bid with 4-5 days left in an auction, you basically drive the price up for yourself and others who might end up buying the item. 

I hope you have a great day :)

Concerned Ebay Buyer who wants to buy something but people keep placing bids with days left in the auction!


Friday, March 16, 2007

The Lord teaches me patience

So lately I have been learning patience through slow talkers.  I'm not talking about anyone being handicapped, I'm just talking about people who say 3 words and think 30 seconds before saying 3 more words.  In my job lately, I don't have enough time in the day to get what I need done.  So it is important that I manage slow talkers.   I sit here and literally finish their sentences in my head before they even get them out.  I really just want to do the "stand-up."  This is when you stand up in your office so that the "invader" knows to leave and it basically cuts them short.  This works great when people go on and on about their dog, child, or just silly stuff that you don't have time to talk about.  So now I just do an internal smile and wait for the slow talkers to finish.  It's so fun working in corporate america :)

Oh watch out, here comes a slow talker now, I must sneak out like a S.E.A.L!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It's mine!

Can jealousy ever be a good thing? We know that God is jealous for us, we know that He wants all of us and doesn't want us in the sin of the world and for anything to take our focus off of Him. That is good jealousy. I was talking to a friend tonight that I haven't talked to in a long time. They were telling me about all the things going on in their life in ministry and how the Lord had been giving them opportunities after opportunities. They told me how life was good in the relationship department etc etc. I was happy for them but something deep inside me just really wanted what they have. I wanted the speaking opportunities and I wanted to feel God's presence the same in my life. I think it's neat when you have friends that you can be happy for and jealous at the same time. And friends that will encourage you along in these travels of life.

I am trying to make better plans. This week, I have exercised almost every day and feel a lot better. If I take a cruise in a month or so, I do not want anyone to be scared on the beach. :)

By the way, anyone interested in a cruise?

Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama

Who all seen the Leprechaun, say YEAHHHHH. Could be a crackhead and got a hold of da wrong stuff, and it told him to go up in the tree. Man yall have to watch this, this is the funniest thing and after a LONG day, this has made me laugh for two days :)

Monday, March 12, 2007

Fat Dog Eating Something Interesting

So I happen to log into my Google Video account to my surprise, this video has been viewed by 22,000 people. I felt a little disturbed by this for making 22,000 people waste their time. Okay, so I will post it again :)

When to throw away

So I have to confess that I love to use a Loofah. I have been using one for about 2-3 years maybe and it is quite awesome. My only question is, when do you throw it away? With most products, they get dirty and then you know to throw them away. Well, my loofah sees soap everyday and I always wash it out and hang it up. Well, I had to throw it away tonight. I haven't officially thrown it into the trash, I left it hanging with the hopes to actually put it in the trash in the morning. I mean, it still looks good. It still gets me clean, but I guess it must go. Also notice that Chris Moody's boo left her razor in my shower! It's been quite nice, it's one of those that has soap built into the top of it, okay, just kidding, I have never used it, that's gross. Only girls.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Redefining Wonderful

Today was a semi productive day. I woke up around 10AM, had a bowl of cereal, "Honey bunches of Oats" with almonds of course. I cleaned out the gutters, drove my motorcycle for about 15 minutes, and played xbox for a good solid hour. A friend of mine asked me why guys like playing xbox and video games. I explained that it's much like why girls read magazines about the top 25 most popular people or watch silly shows on tv. It's your thing. After a busy day or busy week at work, there is nothing like coming home and killing a few aliens or bad guys. It's fun and relaxing for me. Maybe some girls will never understand why men like this, but it's who we are and as long as it's in balance with the rest of our life, it's OKAY!

So the title is "Redefining Wonderful." Many of the gospel proclamations you hear today involve "God's wonderful plan for your life." This is very true. God does have a wonderful plan for your life, but as Christians, we need to make sure we are clear on what "wonderful" actually means. If the gospel cannot be preached the same in every country, it is not the gospel. Go tell the starving African people that God has a wonderful plan for their life, it will not make sense. Wonderful needs to be defined as something other than having your bills paid and a new car sitting in the driveway. I am going to sleep now :)

Thursday, March 08, 2007

A week in Texas

Just got back into town from a long week of work. I did get to see two concerts on two different nights and a rodeo, so that was fun. Josh on Monday night and Sheryl Crow on Wednesday night. I also got to see God's sense of humor. I went to the Cingular store in Houston and as I rounded the corner, I looked straight at "Joel Osteen." Well not him, but his massive billboard on his church, I just laughed all alone in my Chevy Trailblazer :)

Monday, March 05, 2007

Opinions please

Would you consider this Christian?

I spoke too soon, but thanks Terrance

So a few weeks ago I was talking to some coworkers and told them, "ya know I've never had my luggage lost or had a really bad plane experience" blah blah. Well tonight was interesting. First of all, I saw a guy that my brother went to high school with and wasn't really sure if it was him, I walked up, politely asked if he was from Dillon, and he was. We spent about an hour talking, which was good because the plane was delayed. The plane was delayed but the airline reassured us that they would hold our connecting flights. I arrived in Charlotte only to see my connecting flight about to collect altitude. She would not let me on. So I made my way to a 2.5 hour line. One guy was surely about to be arrested for his attitude. The rest of us in the line had fun talking and sharing stories ranging from Walmart buying principles to a 62 year-old man who had a court date for Tuesday. I was not brave enough to ask him why. I just know that he does not currently posses an ID. Go figure. After about 2 hours, I make my way to the counter. A man named Terrance was there and he looked like he had a long night. There were over a few hundred people in line! I was very polite to him and told him that I was sorry all of the other people were jerks. He appreciated my patience (pat myself on back here) :) and he issued me a hotel voucher since I missed my connecting flight. Bad news was, all the hotels they issued were booked. He went all the way downstairs, found me, and had already booked me at another, much nicer hotel. I really want to write US AIR and tell them what a great worker he was. Now, they really did do us wrong on our flights and could have handled the arrangements better, but Terrance did his job very well. He told me that because I was nice to him, I was able to get a hotel for the night. So my lesson in all of this is: Always be nice, friendly, especially whenever everyone else is a jerk.

So I'm sitting here in a hotel room with a slim jim for dinner, and snickers for dessert with a diet coke to wash it down, this is the life. I will sleep for a few hours and put on the same clothes as yesterday because who knows where my luggage is!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes...

So many of you know the interview with Joel Osteen and Larry King. I think many people think that I just beat up Joel Osteen. You are right. Here is why. See in our culture today, one of the issues at the peak of discussions is, "Is Jesus the only way to God?" This is getting more and more attention. At this point in our history, we have to be CLEAR on this issue and NOT back down. Good people bust hell wide open on a daily basis. The Lord says that even our "good works" are like menstrual rags to Him. It doesn't mean that He doesn't want us to do good, it means that if we are coming to Him and saying that we CAN come to Him by OUR "good works" then He responds with, these are like menstrual rags. This is disgusting but a very vivid and real thing. He wanted us to get the point.

I fly out again for Houston and I usually stay in a hotel near Osteen's church. The church with his name plastered across the front of it, okay, the top left corner. I pasted a link below to an article about Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, and Ted Haggard. Rick Warren has had numerous opportunities to speak on a national platform about his faith in Christ alone and he has failed to do it. He has one of the largest churches in America and most likely, they are doing "good things." He held a national aids conference at his church and had many Jewish, Muslim, and Christian leaders there. As well as many openly gay individuals. Not once was anything about Christ mentioned. Are we here to just do "good things" and have "good works" or are we here to do "good things" and tell people about Christ in the process? If our good works don't lead us to a place where we can share Christ, literally, what are they? They are nothing more than Joe the atheist, Sarah the agnostic, and Ahmed the muslim are doing. I'm sure all three of those people are doing the same "good works" as Justin the Christian. We have to be separate and Jesus was not the most popular guy when He made statements like "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, nobody comes to the Father except by Me." People were angry at those statements. They worked into the "quick" of the hearts and lives of the listeners. They wanted to either love and follow Him or kill Him. It was real simple. You wonder why Joel has such a big church, he said himself that he doesn't like to use the word "sin" in his church. He doesn't want to talk about what Jesus did obviously. Jesus spent more time talking about Hell than He did Heaven. Shouldn't that ring a bell with us and tell us to wake up? We cannot sit and teeter totter on our theology. We must be firm. We must take the risk being specific about salvation and how it is obtained. Jesus did not send us out with "the great suggestion" as Joel Osteen would like to think.

I honestly care about Joel, but more importantly care about the people he is influencing. We are to guard the gospel and to protect teaching. Paul spent time in the Word writing to churches about false teaching and for them to be on their guard against it. We must do the same and encourage others to study the real deal so they can recognize the false.

Can you tell that this bothers me? :)

Article about Chinese children and the Gospel

Reasons they did not find Jesus' tomb.