Saturday, July 23, 2005


So my brain has been stretched this past week at work. We were locked in a room for a week to do some high priority testing and all I did was work and eat all week long. No time for play. I see while I was away that I was compared to Color Me bADDDDD by miss Erin Sanders and Ed Edwards. Quite hilarious I must say.

I've learned a few things in the past week. Well the first is that I hope I find a woman that knows how to cook. I really enjoy going out to eat but I sometimes get tired of it. I figured something up that might disturb some of you. Over the past two years, I've gone out to eat for almost every meal, at least 2 meals a day. There were probably 20 meals that either I cooked, ate with my parents, or a girl cooked a meal for me :) So for the past two years, we could say 2 meals out a day times 7 days in a week times 2 years would equal about 1400 or so meals! That is crazy. That's about $10k if the meals were around $7 a piece. Well some were a little cheaper and a few visits to the melting pot were not exactly cheap but well worth it.

I say all that to say that I do look forward to cooking more! But prob. won't. So to get back at the people who have posted terrible pictures this week, I will make a peace offerrrrrrrring and post one that incriminates us both Ed. Here goes. Note: Kyle Renfrow also had a crustache.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Well...Yes...It was High School

If you can't laugh at yourself, then life is going to be pretty rough for you.

This should get you a good laugh.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

What a Shame

We wonder why our churches have no power. Joel Olsteen has the
largest church in the US and read the transcript from this interview.
Terrible. He claims now to have botched the interview. What do you

Link for interview on Larry King.

Or listen to Al Mohler on Joel Olsteen, heard on KKMS (Todd Friel)

Joel says that he doesn't like to use the word "sin." What? I mean I think I just threw up in my mouth? What did Jesus call people to do? He called them to leave their life of sin. He calls us daily to pick up our cross. The cross and blood is represenative of the sacrifice. For what? SIN. He died because we sinned. I just don't understand how so many people would go to a church that a preacher doesn't even talk about sin??? Is this feel-good Christianity? I wish I could sit down with good ole Joel Olsteen. I pray that God turns his heart around and points him back to the truth. He has veered.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Thought for today

Who cares what you believe if it does not change the way you live.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Form over Function

We finally met the cow. For months now, I've awoken to
some intense mooing. No comments please. We could not figure out for
the life of us where this "moo" was coming from. During slip n slide
party day, I was grilling some steak and chicken on the back porch
when all of the sudden, I heard the loudest MOO! I look up and there
is a cow standing almost in our back yard. He was about 30-40 yards
from me and just looking intently at our house. I think he had the
feeling that I was grilling a relative. Anyway. So our neighbors
have a cow that moos, story over.

I went to church on Sunday (Grace on Pelham in Greenville.) Matt
Williams was speaking on the subject of worship. It's become a really
popular subject in the modern church movement. He stated that many
times we focus on the form over the function. The form of music often
supercedes the function of worship. You hear people leave the service
criticizing the music, or the singer, etc etc. People lose the focus
of what worship is about. I used to complain and say that I didn't
like to listen to hymns. Many people LOVE hymns and can really
connect with God through hymns. It really doesn't matter about the
form as long as the function of worship is reached. The form often
times becomes a distraction and we get lost in it. Girls get so
wrapped up in the planning of a wedding that they forget to plan for
the marrage, the form is embraced and the function in neglected. I
guess guys can do the same thing, but rarely. I guess I just don't
know many guys that plan weddings. There are instruments that were
used in the old testament that we don't even have today. It doesn't
matter what type of instrument is used to worship the Lord just as
long as He is worshipped. Banjo, trashcans, violin, guitar, or even a
really bad singer. Make a joyful noise bad singers. :)

Friday, July 08, 2005

I just don't know

Enough Said.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Photoshop had nothing to do with this. How cool would this float be on the lake. Lee loves the lake more than anyone so he seemed fitting for this picture.

So I got to "model" a year ago for a DVD cover! You know you have made it big when you reach this status in life. Kidding. Still funny :)

No, these are not pictures of your 4th grade party, these are images from Slip n Slide Day at Canterbury! Please check out Stunningman's Gallery for some more fun shots.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Mystery in Modesty

What defines a woman? Interesting question isn't it? The world seems
to tell us it's how big her bootie is or how big her...well the other
b word that I've mentioned a few times on my collection of random. I
will share a short story. Girls often struggle with their clothes and
wonder what is scandalous and what do boyz like, what should they
wear? etc etc.

A few years ago when I was in college, I had the opportunity to be
around a lot of beautiful women that loved the Lord. Much like my
life now :) Blessed I am. There was one girl in particular that
caught my eye. I don't mean that she caught my eye in that I was head
over heels etc. I was very interested in the way she dressed. See,
girls...guys check you out regardless of what you think. Guys check
girls out before we even realize we check them out. It's just part of
our nature. It's like going to a restaurant that has a buffet. Many
times, you walk in the place, and look over the buffet before you
decide to stay and eat. Bad example, but you get my point. I am
going to be honest here because honesty is good. This girl had a
really nice body. What was funny was...she never wore anything that
revealed anything about her body. I'm not saying she wore a cucumber
sack, she always wore really attractive yet modest clothes. Often
times, she would even take her sweater and tie it around her waist. I
think she did this because she had a ba donka donk, but I just wasn't
sure. She was a beautiful person...inside and out.

So on the way to a concert one time, me and a couple of guys were
talking about the way girls dress. (There were two girls also in the
car.) We were having a fun conversation and then something happpened
that made it even more interesting. I said just what I said above and
a lil more. "I know a girl that has a nice body and always wears
really modest clothing, sometimes she even ties a sweater around her
waist, etc etc" As soon as I said that, the guy in the front seat got
really excited and said..."I know exactly who you are talking
about!!!!" I was like..."there is no way, I didn't give you any more
description of her." That was all I said. Well after a few words
back and forth, I made him whisper the girl's name in my ear to see if
it really was the same one. Well it was.

Sure, if a girl wears a dress that her boobs fall out of, guys are
going to stare and probably stare for a long time. But as soon as
that girl is gone, they aren't going to think about her another
second. Thoughts gone. But you take a girl who dresses modest, she
will be remembered for a lot longer in a Godly Guy's mind. There is
something about mystery covered in modesty that is so much more
attractive than a hooker suit. If that makes sense.

It's really tough for girls, I'm sure. The world markets skin. As
guys, we don't do a very good job at encouraging as we should. A
friend of mine thanks another close girl "space" friend of mine and
says that he really appreciated the type of clothes she wore. She was
always dressed modestly. I still remember what he said and I'm sure
she does too.

I was talking to my lil sister tonight and just started thinking about
how tough it's going to be for her when she gets a little older and
has to deal with this life and all the trials that follow us.

I spoke at a sorority Bible study one time and said that there is an
easy rule about how girls can dress. If Jesus came back today, would
you need to change before He took you up? "Wait a minute Jesus, let
me put some clothes on." Sure, you clothed in righteousness, but that
skirt has got to go.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Friday Afternoon Thoughts

Your goal is not to find the woman with no issues, your goal is to
find the woman with the least issues. -JT