Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Was my body made for this?

So I woke up at 3AM Monday morning to drive to Atlanta.  Your body, well at least mine is NOT made to wake up that early.  So now I find myself at 4:07 writing a blog because my clock is all mixed up now!

It was a busy and productive day and no bullet holes were found in my body. 

Sad news is that a guy is buying my Jeep on Friday and I have not been in town long enough to find another ride to replace it!  So I will be searching online this week to find a new ride!  Who knows, might have to take another flight up to Nebraska and buy another one, or, maybe not. 

I'm going to sleep again. 

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Plain White T's

Generally I like to confess stupid stuff here on my lil blurb on the internet. I mentioned wearing another man's underwear by accident a few weeks ago after some accident at the wash n fold service. Well apparently I didn't throw them away and ended up wearing them again! He is almost my size apparently and likes the white boxer briefs, but I don't know that guy so that is not cool. I mean if it were Sandy, it might be okay.

On another note, I have to confess that I really like this new cheeseball song "hey there Delilah" by Plain White T's. I know I might be hated by some but it is the sweetest coolest song.

Well I am going to bed, I have to get up at 3AM to fly out of Atlanta tomorrow. Looks like it's back to a Snicker's Ice Cream bar to keep me awake :)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Balance is the spice of life

I am all about a good balance in this life. In this video, you can see that Ed is a very caring father and a baby hog as Julie calls him.

The other side of Ed is this one:
I say..."Ed, I know what I will do with all my frequent flyer miles and hotel points, I will save them for my honeymoon someday."

Ed replies, "Justin, those things expire."

I say..."they are good for at least two years."

Ed smiles.

See Ed is a good balanced friend for my life. He is often awful, but I still like him.

Well back on the road this week and I applied to be on a gameshow, it's ABC's new gameshow. I sent a picture in and a lil blurb but the casting was this past Saturday and I had to fly out.

We shall see.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

An interesting day

Today was another wide open day in Houston.  My morning started out in the ghetto, again.  I was working in an area that the police enjoy hanging out around.  One stepped up to my car and asked if I knew any martial arts.  I explained to him that I knew how to pull a trigger instead, he laughed.  A word of advice.

Dear Avis Rent a Car,

I have appreciated your service and your appreciation of my business.  Yes I have been renting from you for going on 3 months straight.  Yes, I know you love me.  Oh yeah, I do appreciate you upgrading me to the Saturn Vue this time.  Yes I noticed the big sticker in the car "YOU'VE BEEN UPGRADED."  I do have to say though, Avis, it is not good for you to give me a Saturn Vue to be driving around in the Ghetto.  I usually either drive a Jeep Liberty, Chevy Suburban, etc, but the Vue is just not going to cut it around the drug dealers.  OH and another note, could you please buy car in some other color than WHITE>  I am sticking out like a sore thumb.   Oh, and could I get bullet proof glass next time? Thanks.


Okay so back to the policeman.  Apparently they had a big bust yesterday because there were undercover guys all around me wearing bullet proof vests and laughing at me for being out there.  I just kept pointing to my side like I was some cowboy in the Wild West.  They laugh. 

Later in the day I met a black woman who was very nice.  We talked for a few minutes about the problems of racism in our country and we talked about what it is going to take to get rid of it, or at least a lot of it.  She was really nice and I was glad to speak with her.  I felt like Jesse Jackson for a moment.  Well except, Okay, not Jesse Jackson. 

Later I met a few cops who shared with me all of the bad things that go on in the neighborhood.  (Keep in mind I have been there for almost 3 months).  1 hour before this, I saw a man hanging from a 2nd story apartment.  I am almost positive he was breaking in.  I had to keep walking, I don't get paid to be policeman Justin. 

The day ended with a whole lot of sushi.  AND THEN, I get back to my Hampton family and they tell me I have won $50 in their drawing.  I was happy :)

Now I am finishing up some work and searching Google News to see if I was on the news today.  There were choppers flying all over my head. 

Back at it tomorrow.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Houston #456

So I was flying out a week ago and this nice young lady started talking to me in line.  She was really nice and was interested in hearing about what I do for a living.  Sometimes it's a little tough to explain but I got it out.  So of course, I asked her "what do you do for a living?"  She replied with, "I work in entertainment."  I smiled and said "oh, okay."  We talked for about 10 more minutes and went on our way, she ran to one terminal, I ran to another.

Was she a stripper?

What exactly does "entertainment" mean?

Saturday, July 21, 2007


I was watching "Dirty Jobs" today and was reminded again how creative God is!  Hippos have to be the funniest animal, well, not really but they are hilarious.  Mike Rowe is my favorite person on television.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Stay out of the bushes

So, since I was a child, if I get within feet of poison ivy, I GET IT. I am very aware of my surroundings usually but somehow managed to get it again! This looks absolutely disgusting which encouraged me to share it even more. It has been making a steady climb up my leg so I had to wash everything to make sure it wasn't on any of my shoes or clothes. GROSS. I want to just take my skin off during the day it itches so bad!

I love having a blog and being able to share these gross images with you all.

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Monday, July 16, 2007

To Dine with Papa or Alone

So I don't have my people here in Houston this week and for a few days, I'm solo.  I had to make a crucial decision that is usually easy to make.  Where to eat?  The person deep inside me said to just get Papa J's takeout and eat it in my hotel room.  But, the other side of me said, "nah, JT, you want some good sushi."  So I chose to eat alone and go grab some sushi at http://www.konagrill.com.  I have eaten there a few times and love it.  They have some of the best ribs!

Most people probably wouldn't think this but man I can be self-conscious.  I never really thought I would be that guy, but when you are in a city, away from all your people, and all of your comfort, it gets magnified.  I found there are actually websites devoted to teaching people how to eat alone.  Man, what a crock.  It's easy, just sit there and look like a loser.  JK.  I don't just sit there.  I try to look like I'm normal and try to at least interject somewhere that I do have friends but I am on business. 

I ended up convincing my waitress to go on a cruise.  No, not with me, with her husband.  I made it a short dinner and early night after downing my crab crunch roll and something else????

So it's an early night and work starts VERY early tomorrow.  The good news is I spent a few hours in the ghetto today and did not get shot, the blessings keep coming :)


Back in Houston.  Nothing like ending a nice day of work with a cruise BOOKED.  Yes we are booked and Mexico bound September 10th-15th if anyone is interested in going with us :)

I found an awesome deal!  You can't be $367 for a 5 day cruise! 


Saturday, July 14, 2007

A fun weekend with my friends

So this was a fun week and a fun weekend of hanging out. It's amazing how much you miss your friends when you are gone for a while. I enjoyed catching up with everyone and just being stupid as usual. We went to a Greenville baseball game. Pretty fun and the stadium is super nice.

Tonight we spent making our own pizzas. I actually just wanted to grill out but I am glad we did the pizza thing, they were so good.

I head out for Charlotte tomorrow and then fly out to Houston again on Monday for another week of work. Crazy life begins again!

We are booking a cruise for September 10th-15th if anyone is interested. I found an awesome cruise for $350!!! I am super excited and have not taken a full week's vacation since I started working. This will be crunk. "Crunk" has been redefined by me as to entail, dancing, eating, eating, and hanging out all day long doing nothing :).

Hangout and Pizza Night

A good week with family :)

My family goes to Cherokee, NC every year for a really relaxing week of camping. This year was the same, very relaxing and a good time to chill out with my family and enjoy God's creation.

My parents had typical Tanner luck on the way back when their car broke down :(

Cherokee 2007

Friday, July 13, 2007

It strikes again

I officially have poison ivy again!  It is all over my legs and I do believe it could have possibly crept into other regions.

More news later, once I find out.


In heaven one day, I need to ask God about poison ivy and gnats.  And gnomes. 

Thursday, July 05, 2007

This shout-out goes to my friend Rachel

You know it's really neat when you have friends that just encourage you by being who they are.  I had dinner tonight with my friend Rachel who happens to have a new boyfriend, go Rachel West.  She is a really neat girl and just being around her encourages me to be a stronger person.  I love how we can be encouraged. 
Well this week is about done and I might be taking a few days off finally after a long time of NOT.  It will be neat to just chill out for a few days and relax.  It's tough to slow down, and chill after you have been going full speed for so long.  I think I will be okay :)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Back Home, woo hoo

So after a few delayed flights and then one LONG straight RUN across the airport in Houston, I found myself missing my flight by approximately 30 seconds. It's amazing that a door can close so fast in such a short amount of time and translate into a LOT of extra time for me and trouble. All and all, I flew into Columbia airport instead and drove a rental to Greenville and arrived home at 5:30 AM. I fought sleep for 5 minutes just so I could enjoy how nice my bed feels!

These pictures are with Ashley and Josh Jones and their "New one."