Monday, April 28, 2008

San Diego, Sea World, Wild Animal Park, Tijuana

I hate that you missed a weekend here! My boy J Grier and I flew into San Diego on Thursday for a few days of fun. He works a lot like me and we both needed to take a few days to chill out and have fun. No work, no shoes, no nothing (double negative).

We were on the same flight and got into SD the same time, imagine that. We left the airport, jumped into my new place, and tried to plan out the day. Through a blessing, we came out with 3 tickets to Sea World. These tickets are so expensive, so this was a nice treat. Jason's step-mom, myself, and Greezy went off to see Shamu. This place was amazing. To see animals doing the things they do there, just even more tells me that God beautifully created this world and the things in it, crazy the things we saw. I will be posting pictures once they are all assembled and edited :)

We spent Thursday night going out to a really nice place right on the water, I had some nice spicy scallops and lobster bisque. I ended it with this really nice healthy pastry.

Friday was another day full of wonderful things and probably on the top 5 of best days of this year. We spent the day at Wild Animal Park. These animals were so wild. We literally spent a large part of the day doing the walk around thing and safari, also getting a nice sun tan, I mean burn.

Friday night was quite the highlight. We scored some tickets to the Padres baseball game. I'm not talking about just any tickets, I'm talking about seats with Hall of Famer Dave Winfield. I should have known we were in for a treat when the ticket price was $325. As soon as we walk into the park, we get to meet Dave Winfield, had a really nice, FREE DINNER, and then litearlly were escorted into homeplate seats by Dave Winfield. This was unreal, Jason and I just looked at each other like what in the world, this is nutz. These seats are mostly for players families, rich people, and former players. Not only were we sitting with Dave Winfield, but we also were sitting with David Wells. One of the few pitchers to ever pitch a perfect game. This was an unreal experience. The section were sitting has its own waiter, you can eat or drink whatever you want, you name it. I was such a fatty. We were so close to Randy Johnson who happened to be pitching for the Diamond Backs. We could hear the players and the nice things they would say when striking out :)

In short, it was awesome and some friends came down from LA to join us on Friday night. We spent Saturday kayaking on the bay, chillin on the beach, and watching a Roller thing. Basically, hundreds of people come out and these people do choreographed dances on roller skates, it was unreal and hilarious.

Saturday we went to a multicultural parade Jason's dad was the Grand Marshall of. So interesting, I so enjoy culture. Saturday night we went to Tijuana for quite an experience. We had a nice dinner, then hit the mexican dance club. At first, I didn't feel good, because we had a long day and I had so much sun, plus it was so hot in the club. I sucked it up and hit the dance floor. I will have to admit, this place had hundreds of people in it. At one moment, Jason and I had the whole dance floor peering over our way, it was so funny. They started playing american music so we had to do our thing. We dropped it like it was hot and had a blast. We made our way out of Mexico and were not greeted nicely by US border agents, one was really nice, and this other woman was so rude. Either way, she couldn't ruin such a good night.

I will be posting pictures soon, they are quite fun.

On a God note, the best place to leave our choices and decisions is with Him. They are safe there. Well maybe not how we define "safe", but how He does.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I found this image on some website.

You know, risks are something I have always struggled with. It seems that my or our human nature is to want to know all the facts before risking anything. Maybe it is just common sense. It seems there are two main types of risks:

Calculated and Un-calculated.

You could probably argue that there are mis-calculated ones as well. Either way, risks are tough, but sometimes it seems that the thought of what you might lose compared to what you might gain gives you the balls to just do it and risk it.

The great thing about following Jesus is that if we are really following close, His spirit does help us at just the right times.

Mary Addison :)

Ed used to push me just like this, oh I miss those days.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Some Comfort

So my new apartment I've been talking about, the bed is out in the open.

I have to find a new comforter and for some reason, I like shopping for comforters.

I want a comforter that looks majestic, something that looks like a lion should sleep in it.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Moving in Monday

Just flew into GSP from San Diego and I always wonder who it's going to be in First Class :) Well, today, I missed Donny Osmond by one flight. The flight attendant said that he was in the seat across from me just one flight before, oh well :)

So I went and did a walk-through of my new place before I actually move in on Monday. It is straight up pimp. It's going to be tough to go from 2300 square feet to about 800 but I won't be there that much anyway. Plus it is right downtown near some of the best places to eat. Thus, the reason I started working out again. The apartment has a cool intercom system that when you ring my condo, it calls my cell phone number, then I push a button, and it lets you in. I'm probably the only person that thinks that's cool, so whatever. Plus if you notice in the pictures, there is a nice hammock sitting out, overlooking downtown and where I can listen to the roar of Petco park as Khalil Greene slams a homerun :)

Jgreezy is flying into hang out on Thursday and I fly back on Monday. A few more friends, Sam Hoit, Brandi Roe, and possibly Diva Ashlyn Bishop are visiting too. Our tentative plans are as follows:

Thursday: Greezy flies in and we go to dinner and maybe Tijuana on Thursday night.
Friday: Possibly Kayak in the morning and zoo in the later morning early afternoon, possibly Wild Animal Park as well. (Friday night we are going to a Padres game)
Saturday: Sea World, Legoland, or Wild Animal Park if we do not go on Friday.
Sunday: Greezy flies out early and I'll be chilling out for most of the day after he leaves.

I'm excited. I absolutely love entertaining people and having fun. I met a girl on the plane today that was so quiet. I saw her reading her Bible, I said, "are you a believer?" and she said, "yes." I said, "me too, it's encouraging to see you reading your Bible." She said, "I really try." We talked for a few minutes, but she seemed very down. Something in me said that something really bad or mildly bad had just happened to her, but I never came out and asked her. I regret not doing so. When I meet other Christians, I get really excited, many times I feel like the feeling is not mutual :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


You know, Biggie was right, 'mo money 'mo problems. I tell ya, to be honest, I have been straight up beat to death the last few weeks of work. I've never worked this hard and intense in my entire life. This job is a huge blessing but it also comes with a lot of stuff, for the lack of a better or more appropriate word. I know I am willing to make sacrifices for a little while, but man it is tough.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Found One :)

So I finally commited. No, I'm not getting married, but I did find an apartment. I ended up going with my first choice. In San Diego, you either get location or space, I actually found a combo. This is a studio apartment, so not huge, but also not 300 square feet, which some are. I mainly liked this one because the bed is really neat. It's on a stainless steel platform lofted up high. It is also a block from the Padres Petco Park and just a few blocks from downtown where I can avoid getting fat.

I will actually move in on Monday and will be my home away from home for Sunday - Thursdays :)

I will be glad to not have to carry a huge suitcase every week. This place also has a rooftop terrace that has a huge gas grills, sinks, dining tables, and a good view. :) Also comes equipped with its own wine storage and refrigeration.

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Found One

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Musings of a day

Apparently, after flying almost every week for going on two years it seems, I made a mistake and booked the 6:43AM flight instead of the 6:30PM flight on Sunday.

This changes a brothas weekend, just slightly. They wanted $800 to change it and I just went with it, stayed at Ed and Julie's and woke up at the butt crack of dawn and started the work week early.

The day...

flight delayed from 6:43 to 7:45ish.

flew into Houston, small layover, went from literally the worst seat on the plane to first class. (there is a Jesus story in there somewhere)

...met an interesting older woman from New Orleans on the plane. I could tell she was full of class.

Turns out, she is one Brad and Angelina's realtors, and also Nicholas Cage. We were watching National Treasure - Book of Secrets and I hear stories from her. I also found out that she talks with Eli Manning's mother on the telephone and knows the salary of about every person in the world. She was quite nice to talk with.

Flew into San Diego, jumped into the car, wow, today was the best day I've seen here, everyone was out and the pool was packed. Layed out above the pool for some sun, prayed and read Romans 1 while I look at the crazy ocean beating up the shore, then headed out to look at another apartment, still haven't decided. This week is the week, I can feel it.

Came back, discovered a CHICK-FIL-A near my hotel, also discovered a Target.

I walked in Target to buy some energy drinks, and I walked out having spent $67. How does this happen?

Fixed Ashley and Josh's internet over the phone, worked out, and now about to eat a Shrimp Caesar Salad and watch "The Guardian."

I'm not really sure while I typed all that, but it's done now.

You know what else, I just enjoy people. I really like them, even when they say stupid stuff and act crazy, all in all, I just enjoy 'em.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Those blue lights

Everyone knows that feeling, you're driving down the road, you see the police car, you see that you are speeding, then you see the blue lights. Man that feeling is so unique, your stomach drops, you kick yourself for being so stupid and speeding. You realize that you really didn't have anywhere to be, now the cops are behind you, blue lights blazing, and you already see the $150 ticket in your head. Pursuit!

I spend a considerable amount of time going places in my life. I fly on a plane every Sunday and Thursday, I see people weekly doing the same thing. They are in pursuit of something, maybe it's a better job, maybe it's more money, maybe a new location, or maybe just the next vacation spot. They are in pursuit of something. They are moving fast.

Look at the formation of the world, the creation of man/woman, our sin, then God the Father's pursuit of us in sending Jesus to die for our sins and be crucified for us. That is pursuit in the most positive sense. Not that we loved God first, but that He loved us, and sent Jesus to us. The Bible makes it clear that a man is supposed to treat and love his wife as Christ loved the church. This is a huge goal and not something we can easily reach, but something we can always pursue, assuming you are married of course :)

I think at least one time a week, I have a talk with someone about dating and this and that. I think sometimes, these are the most amusing conversations, and sometimes they are interesting. Men should pursue. Pursue by the very definition is to follow something eagerly or with haste. I have talked to a lot of girls who have guys that just kinda hang around and never really come out and say it. I'm sorry, but one day I will have a daughter(s) and I am going to be very clear with her that if a man doesn't really pursue her and step it up, he is not worth her. I am not the relationship expert by any means but at least I know this much. Pursuit means to do crazy things w/o any real sense. To almost be an idiot at times, which for some guys, mainly myself, is easy to do.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Apartment Search

I need help.

I have to get an apartment very soon in San Diego.  Here are some options I've found, please help.  The first one is my favorite so far because it comes fully furnished, big screen tv, and the bed is lofted up in the air like a king :)  But the others offer more room.

Monday, April 07, 2008


This is a typical view from Gvegas on Sundays. I often see the same people on the plane, I know the guys with iphones, and where some of them work.

I had an awesome weekend full of so many different things. I feel like every few months, I need to be put on the right track again. Somewhere between a crazy life, a plane ride, and a few coasts, I lose focus so easily. I can go back and read blogs and see that sometimes my life is like a roller coaster and I stive to find this point of consistency. It's so dang tough to stay consistent, especially in this Christian life. This world tugs at me in so many ways. I think what I've been challenged with lately is to just be raw. I think somewhere in the last few years I've given off this false something to people or maybe I even fooled myself into believing that I've got things figured out. I know that sounds crazy and probably doesn't make sense. It is not easy to be challenged by people, but in grace, I've learned that I really dig it. The process of someone challenging you is not always fun, but worth it.

Lately through solid christian friendships, I've just been challenged to dig deeper and seek Jesus more. It's amazing that the Holy Spirit gives us life and enables us to love God. I sell myself so short when I settle for this mediocre life when in reality, I know God has so much more for me. The past week, I consistently read the Word everyday. I'm not saying that to brag, but to confess in the many many months before, I have not. I settle for a half-baked Christianity full of podcasts and good Christian conversations. Man, those things are awesome, but they are not the vitamin replacement for time in the Word and in prayer to Jesus. It's amazing that I can feel a difference in my life after really just one solid week of spending time with God, man I've been missing out. I notice that I look at people differently, I react differently, I actually care more.

I DO NOT like to waste anything. I usually eat every bite of food, drink every drop of a drink, and after using my juicer, I eat the pulp out of it. I want to use everything. I want to use all the things and gifts that God has given me, I don't want to sell this life short or miss anything that God has for me. I believe there is freedom in Jesus and as a believer, you have so many options that are good. But, is there something that is the best, is it possible that God has a life for you that is bigger than what we settle for?

I was encouraged through a sermon at Grace Church today. How many people do I really dig into and speak truth into? I think about people that God has placed in my path that have challenged me. I think about the man who first asked me to preach randomly. I said yes to his question before I really understood it. But, because of that man being sensitive to God's leading, God used him to lead me into ministry and to confirm His call on my life. How am I cheating other people by not speaking truth into their lives and being that person to them. Everyone has that person in their life that was pivotal in their walk. What an amazing thing to be apart of someone's testimony, not that we should glory in our fine words, but in the fact that the God of the Universe cares to use us.
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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Check-In Time


Thursday means fly day in the life of a consultant :) This is the day where I can use Wednesday to check-in for my flight and get excited about going home for the weekend. Until I actually get a place out here, this isn't really where I live. I started searching for apartments this week and found so many straight up pimp places. This one looks like the apartment that Hitch had in the movie. It's one of my favorites so far.

Tonight, my door is open, breeze is going, about to start "No Country for Old Men" and I can hear seals barking down below. Giving them bones don't shut them up, maybe if I shoot one. C'mon, take a joke. I mean. No really.
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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Confession Tuesday

Okay, take my man card if you will. I checked into the Hyatt tonight, walked up to the corner suite a bit later with two movies in my hand. I visited the local San Diego blockbuster and found, "No Country for Old Men" and "Pride and Prejudice." This is where the man card taking happens. I watched "Pride and Prejudice." Opened up the balcony, let the Pacific breeze blow in...

"And how are you doing tonight Mrs. Darcy?"

I have to be totally honest and admit, I liked the movie. I've heard for a long time that is very much a chick flick and not really something a man should go near. I enjoyed it. Keira Knightley is quite splendid I must say :)

The movie seemed to touch on so many things. One, we never really know people and we shouldn't be quick to judge one's character. Two, girls are so much different than guys. Guys want to be redeemers and women want to be rescued. I think it's pretty neat that innately we are programmed that way by our maker. I don't know of a single man that doesn't want to give a woman a story to tell and something to make her proud. Men spend thousands of dollars on diamonds to do such a thing every day and often do very crazy things to prove themselves to women.

I must now wait until tomorrow to redeem my own self and watch "No Country for Old Men."

Herbert's Friend

One of his testicles never dropped and caused him to gain lots of weight.

This dog is going to make me famous. It might make Sandy famous as well. Right now, it's averaging 1000-1500 hits a week with over 54,000 right now. It's hilarious. We just filmed this outside the house one day and for some reason, people are sending it all over the internet :) Too bad the dog passed away.