Monday, June 30, 2008

Mad at Deanna

Okay so I watch The Bachelorette, forgive me. I cannot believe Deanna
would invite 3 dudes to the fantasy suite. How crazy is that. No
wonder Graham couldnt do work. Glad you peaced out graham.

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Something on my foot

Well this piece of really dry skin has been on my foot for months and months, it might have been there for a year. A P.A. friend of mine a few months back said it was a planter's wart, but I argued and still not really sure. Either way, it's just dead skin that has no feeling. I know this is disgusting, but this is something I am going to document and put Dr. Scholl's to the test and see if his commercials really do what they say. So far, I have taken a callus remover and removed all the dead skin. Next, I am going to place a Dr. Scholl's Salicylic Acid cover on it for 48 hours, then rinse and repeat. I have one small one, and one bigger one. I will keep you updated as the experiment rolls on.

Don't you love blogs, you get to keep up with my feet. Disgusting. I need a wife, I mean a life. Okay, both.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

It's prob. good

You know, I do my thing in Diego everyday. Work sometimes more than I should. Play and stay up later than I should. I am only slightly glad that I don't have a "girlfriend" right now...well because I'm pretty sure I would be a broke cracka. There are an unreal amount of pimp things to do, see, and eat here in San Diego. Everyday, I see a new place or something I haven't noticed before. I will say this and have said it many times here, if you are a dude in San Diego and you can't come up with a straight up pimp date, you have zero game. Well, I don't have much game so San Diego helps.

Now you might spend a serious amount of cash, but when the time comes and the woman is right, who cares.

Speaking of women, Ed and Julie will be out here next week :) Of course, Julie has the entire trip planned down to the minute. This will be good for them, they won't miss a thing. A friend of my sisters in Amsterdam is also visiting, so much fun will be had.

Does anyone live in San Diego and want to be my personal assistant? Seriously, I really feel like I need someone to help me out. Between doing daily tasks that I just don't have time to do because I work a lot, well to doing my laundry, filling out my expenses every week, and shipping things. This job will pay nothing, but I will give you access to my condo (to do the laundry) and access to my Xbox 360 and RockBand, well which might leave me soon.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Nice Post

A friend of mine sent a link to this post on beauty, dudes, chicks. 

I am also learning that discernment is a necessary on so many aspects of this life.  I see the people around me and I watch the decision and choices they make and wonder about my own.  You really have to trust God's lead and power over this world or I think you might go crazy wondering if you make the right decisions.  See, Adam had it good.  Some of the major decisions in this life, God made for him.

1.  God literally chose Him.  He knew God.

2.  God prearranged a marriage and woman for him.

3.  God gave him a job.  Take care of the garden. 

Those are like 3 of the biggest decisions we have to make in this life and figure out.  I've got 1.5 of them taken care of.  I wonder if there will ever be a time in heaven where we see how our lives could have played out and what it could have been like had we done this, or done that.  I think that would be interesting to see!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jesus is my senior pastor

At Kaleo this weekend, one of the elders spoke about not having a senior pastor and the structure of the church is set-up with elders and he said, "our belief is that Jesus is the Senior Pastor."

I really like this church.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Choices always

Urban dictionary is generally where you go when you are listening to the rap music and something doesn't make sense. Urban Dictionary is your guide to everything you DO NOT need to know, generally. I heard about a friend of mine back in SC that just broke up with someone. I really thought they were doing well and all was a go. I don't know the details, but just that it ended.

What was the deal breaker? Urban Dictionary defines it this way:

A deal breaker is ‘the catch’ that a particular individual cannot overlook and ultimately outweighs any redeeming quality the individual may possess.

Very interesting way to put it, but in the reality of things, it is true. Dating is so much about getting to know people, getting to know yourself, and just apart of life. We have to make so many choices in this life, where to work, where to live, who to marry, or who will marry us :) I'm getting older and the older I get, I am finding myself leaning so much more to the sovereignty of God in our lives. I can still maintain freedom, but all and all, I trust He is working things out up there that I don't have a clue about at this moment. I would have laughed a year ago if you would have said, "you will be living in San Diego this time next year." I couldn't have planned this. The blessings that have come in the past few months have been unreal and not like anything I could have dreamed up. I guess I'm just kinda excited about what is going to happen in the next few years. I keep doing my thing, thinking this next big thing is going to happen and God is going to direct me exactly where He wants me and have me do what He wants me to do. I keep doing my day to day thing like everyone, enjoying life, eating too much, and right now listening to Coldplay's newest album which you should pick up.

I've learned over the past few weeks that I really suck at encouraging. If you have ever been around someone who has this gift, it is a blessing. I don't think I have it, but I could try a lot harder than I do. I hear people talk about not having the gift of evangelism, who cares, my boy Rob Dyrdek didn't just jump on a skateboard, he had to practice.

This week I am rolling in a fun car. See below:

Monday, June 16, 2008


I visited Kaleo Church again this weekend in San Diego. The pastor speaks a lot like Mark Driscoll and a very similar style. He is a very hip kinda guy and mostly preaches expository in his nature, but remains very relevant and interesting. He spoke this morning about the Parable of the Tax Collector and the Pharisee. The pharisee was looking down on the tax collector and esteeming himself because he was NOT like the tax collector. The tax collector was looking at himself like he was a nobody without God, the Bible says that the tax collector was left justified, no, not like Microsoft Word. Bad joke.

The message ended up spinning back around to research done throughout the US and other countries and how it relates to how children are taught. A researcher here in San Diego found that kids that have higher self-esteem tended to think they were better in subjects when they actually scored lower than children in other parts of the world that held the belief that they were NOT as good in the subject. (Long sentence). Either way, it made me think about Osteen above and the gospel that he preaches of your self-esteem and how you should esteem yourself and of course mix a little God in there. The longer I live, I realize that I just plain suck. I'm sinful and do stupid stuff, sometimes selfish, and just a lot of time, don't have it together. I know that only in Jesus can I have esteem and anything that is good, is because of Him. He credited my account for good when I was bankrupt.

The pastor at Kaleo went through the difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcy and how it relates to Jesus. Chapter 7 means you have nothing. Chapter 11 means you have a few assets and could possibly regain control and salvage the company. If you are a Christian or claim to be, at one point in your life, you had to file Chapter 7 with the God of the universe. Maybe you don't remember the day, or the minute, what camp or pew you were sitting at, but at some point, you did. You confessed to God that you have nothing good to offer outside of what He has allowed and given you. There is nothing good in yourself, you are a sinner like the rest of creation in need of a Savior.

It has been quite an experience here in San Diego, I walk around everyday still not believing that I live in this place. I am already getting mean phone calls from friends that believe I won't come back. Who knows the Lord's plan, but it is not currently my plan to stay here for years and years and years. My project is 3 years+ so we shall see. Either way, I have so enjoyed this experience so far, I have a yogurt place in my building that I frequent everyday, which includes some mildly plain/sour yogurt and mangos with pecans. So good. I have also met really interesting people and it feels good to be outside of what is normal for me and what I've been used to for 7-8 years in Clemson. Everyday is an adventure here and I leave work thinking/planning what will happen that night.

As you will see in the pictures below, I am quickly becoming the Self-Proclaimed Medium Level Rock Band Champion of San Diego and quite possibly the Left Coast. How is that for self-esteem :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008


The first few consecutive weeks here in San diego have been very cool
and most definitely interesting. This is a city that stays active and
never stops but remains also very chill. We have managed to go and do
something every night for the past few weeks. My work is fast paced
and intense so when I leave the office, I am ready to have fun and
chill. I will confess that it is rough to slow down once you get in
that fast lane,
Merging to the shoulder can be tricky. I got home tonight and felt
convicted about not being in the Word lately. Crazy how just reading a
few chapters a day can get pushed to the back burner. He has blessed
me so much.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

A lil change

When your boxers turn into boxer briefs that means you may have gained

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm still around...

I have been so slow on writing blogs, which is unusual.  Partially it's because for the past few weeks I haven't gotten on a plane, which has been a big change.  Time on the plane was my time to write blogs about random stuff that nobody cares about :) 

So the past few weeks in San Diego have been straight up awesome and crazy.  I love where I live and being downtown in the heart of a city is where it is at.  There is a bar/restaurant/bowling alley right in front of my place and I frequent this location :)  Of course, my job is nutz and I work alot, but it has been well worth the opportunity to be here in a great city.

The biggest news I have is...I think I found a church.  Through a friend in SC, I met up with a new group of friends here in San Diego.  I found out about an Acts 29 church plant called Kaleo.

It meets in a movie theater and the first service was pretty dang cool.  I am not sure that I will even visit any other churches, I was totally digging this church from the start.  We had a blast over the weekend and it is so cool to meet new friends.  It's the strangest thing to go from a place where you know everyone, to a place where you know very few.  This is a big change.  I'm adapting but am definitely noticing that it is tough to stay in touch with East Coast!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Is this world full of booger eaters?

Okay, let me take you back to a few blogs in the past regarding booger eaters.  There was the guy in church that I saw, then I saw the same guy at GSP airport eating AGAIN.

I kid you not, I couldn't make up stuff this good.  I was on my way to church for the first time here in San Diego and just happened to glance behind me, and I see this guy eat a big fat booger.  You have got to be kidding me.  I keep watching and he downs at least 3 while he is stopped at the traffic light!

Is this a common thing?  Do any of you know anyone that eats?  Or do you, yourself?  This just blows my mind.

To top it off, I was visiting a new church and the first thing I noticed is the little girl in front of me.  She come in with an IPOD Touch.  Well it was very distracting because I am easily distracted.  I kept looking to see what she was doing and watching.  Next thing I know, I see boobs and a sex scene on her ipod.  My friend Gill saw the same thing, this lil 6-8 year old girl was watching straight sex scenes in church.  She wasn't just watching, she would fast-forward to the scene.  It made me so mad, I wanted to say something to her dad so bad, but he was what looked to be like a first date and I couldn't catch him alone.  I so regret not saying something.  I totally didn't pay attention to a single thing in church. 

Back to other stuff, my parents had a blast in Diego, we hit up Sea World, Coronado, and just ate some good food.  My mom is convinced now that First Class flying is much better than coach :)