Thursday, August 21, 2008

Risk and Reality

I think a lot of people think about these dreams they have and the things they would really like to go. When you are a kid, I'm sure you had dreams of something crazy that you wanted to do with your life. I don't think that changes much when you get older, well except maybe you go from a fireman to an actor, or a policeman to a doctor. Who knows, either way, you still dream.

I think I've been too guilty of being a dreamer and not really pursuing things full force. It seems like I always drag my feet to commit to something, but once I've committed. I'm committed. It was a big risk to leave everything and everyone in SC and move to San Diego. I think, even if just for a short time, God has already taught me so much and shown up to me in places I did not expect.

I guess I really want to end my time here on earth knowing that I went after everything that I felt was good, and I jump on opportunities when they came. Right now, I think I have dreams and what I would like to call bonus dreams. Dreams being the things that I believe God has gifted and given me to do, ie. speaking and teaching about evangelism. Bonus dreams would be that I really want to do voice-overs commercially some day. I've spent my whole life thinking about it, made few steps in the direction, but there is a lot more I could do.

Right now, I'm crunk about all my peeps Jet-settin into Diego for the weekend. It's is going to be crunkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

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