Saturday, February 18, 2006

on the road again

It seems like lately, I have been on the road nonstop and the funny
thing, I love it. There is something about going from place to place
that does it for me. Seeing new people, eating at new restaurants,
and of course, king size hotel bed, or queens too. I'm going to start
helping my friend Ashley with the Song of Solomon conferences as an
MC. Today it snowed really hard and worried that kids might not come
but they did, so that's good news. I got to do something today that
I've always wanted to do. Well I shouldn't say always wanted to do,
but u know what I mean. I asked the kids to say the "S" word really
loud in church, in the sanctuary of all places. Yes, I had the repeat
the "SEX" word really loud. It was great and made my day. Everything
went well and I really hope these kids carry home something of good

Derwin Grey was the speaker and he did a good job. At one point, he
was explaining to the kids about how to "consummate" the marriage.
But instead of saying "consummate", he says, and this is how you
"constipate" the marriage. I about lost it. Whitley, you would have
definitely lost it. We get to get up tomorrow and do it all over
again, fun times ahead!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Not that you asked

Have you ever had one of those days where you really can't remember anything? One of those days where you really can't remember if you put deodorant on in the morning. You have a feeling that it is not there, so you have to do the "stick your finger in your armpit" test. Don't act like you haven't done it. We need honesty here people. Well the good news is...I do have on deodorant and the reason I thought I didn't was because it's the gel kind. I do not think I am a fan of the gel kind. It's like putting on 3 hours of working out in the morning. Well not that I know what 3 hours of working out would feel like or what it would translate into underarm sweat, but I can imagine.

On a serious note, a friend of mine plans conferences for Song of Solomon. This is the absolute best teaching I have ever heard on the subject of dating/love/sex/conflict/marriage etc. If you have a youth group, there will be a few conferences in this area. The link for students is here and for college age and adult is here. The conferences around this area are in Columbia, Charlotte, and Taylors.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Fumblin around in Boston

Greetings I had to come up to the northeast part of our fine country this week for work. I had to work through Thursday but decided to call up a buddy of mine, John Scott and stay with him at Harvard. Yes, he is a nerd.

People up here seem to love the horn. It's amazing how many times a day you will hear the horn blow. I really want to look at most of them and say..."is your day that rushed that you need to act like an idiot?" I chose not fear that they might pull out a gat and mow me down.

The city is pretty awesome downtown. They have MANY places to eat which qualifies as a good city in my book. I also discovered that it is impossible to have a car up here, you cannot park it. You might be able to drive around and get cursed at and beeped at, but you will not park your car, so fill up, drive around is what you do. :)

I really like messing with people on airplanes. As we were getting off the plane in DC, I noticed that a woman was listening to my conversation with a co-worker. So I say.."The President is going to be so excited to see us." I don't know why that stuff really makes me happy. Haha. I could have kept it going, but i figured that was enough.

I walked around Harvard yesterday, I felt like I was making all the students dumber just by walking by them. Someone told me that I even "looked southern." Now how in the world do you look Southern if you are not dressed southern. I had on dress pants, a long sleeve polo, etc. ??? Even Northern people have hair on their face. I should have asked.

Anywho, I'm going to roam around again. :)