Monday, August 25, 2008

A week in a few words

This has been quite an interesting week to say the least. It was been pretty interesting in many aspects and it is 2:56 in the morning and I just got finished doing some work, and I can't go to bed thinking about work, so I must come write a lil blog to change my thought process.

All the peeps have been here this week and it has been pretty crunk. I have learned that I am apparently either not a good coordinator of social things or the group of friends I coordinate with has major issues. Maybe it's a combo of the two. Either way, I think I might retire from being the social coordinator. I don't deal well with drama and I prefer to keep a "drama-free" type lifestyle. I think I am too simple minded and think logically on too many different fronts. It is also hard to please everyone. I know in speaking, you are almost always going to say something that will offend someone, it is inevitable. Okay, enough about drama.

I did have time to edit a quick video of my friend Tabronkias and how he caught a crab in Point Loma.


stunningman said...

Man, I thought T-brock was really going to catch one. Your film career is going to e really short if you keep disappointing your audience like that...

Julie said...

Never would I have deemed you as "social coordinator" to begin with. Let me also note that at 2:30 in the morning, your subject/verb agreement lacks a little as well! :)