Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tough to Slow Down

Lately I'm finding a hard time with balance. I have learned a lot about myself since coming out to San Diego. The job that I have consumes so much of my time and I literally have to plan out almost every minute of the day to make sure I get what I need accomplished. I leave work, usually very late and it's tough to adjust. I think everyone needs this "simma down" time. I had to apologize to at least one person this week and asked they forgive my "jerkness." I take pride in being nice to people and being patient, I have not been that lately. There is a pattern, it's mostly at work :) When I leave work, everything seems fine and I can be me again.

Anyway. San Diego has been interesting and it's been fun to continue rambling through the city and meeting peeps. This whole experience has definitely matured me in more ways that I care to share. This has been a nice weekend and we are having a nice "BBQ" on the beach on Monday. BBQ in San Diego just means, "grill out."

San Diegans have some jacked up terms.

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Julie said...

Speaking of BBQ, if you ever get in the mood for real BBQ, there is supposed to be a great place in San Diego. I found out about it when I was doing all of my "trip planning" when we were out there! I should be a tour guide for San Diego!