Sunday, August 17, 2008

There is no title

This week is ALMOST over! I feel like all I ever write about is work because lately, it's all I've really had time to do and process. It's been 7ish AM to about 12PM every single day and I am not exaggerating. I leave each day like, "what in the world am I doing?" or "when did all this happen?" It seems like everything just happened quick and I'm here. I'm not complaining but making a statement how fast time flows. Literally, you have to take advantage of life or it will take advantage of you. I keep reminding myself of that always. I feel like, if I'm not careful, life could quickly take advantage of me, so I always need to take time to stop and process where I am. Right now, I know God has me in a season of learning and stretching in so many different ways. I think I struggle with discipline in so many areas and just being here in San Diego and this job, are forcing me to grow in that area. If I fail, people know. I really know my call in this life is to speak and travel and share the good news with the lost, but mainly to train christians to share it and encourage people along the way to talk with their family about the Lord. I feel like right now I need to go somewhere and speak.

There is something about standing in a room full of people that I don't know that drives me like nothing else. Right before I speak somewhere, I get this feeling inside that feels similar to night before Christmas when you are 10. It's all you can do to stay in your room, everything in you wants to just camp out in the living room and meet santa when he rolls in. Speaking generally makes me so much stronger. I leave places and hope and pray that something happened there advanced the kingdom, I almost always leave knowing I've been changed. I don't think it's because I'm some great speaker, because I'm not, but I do think it's just putting yourself in a position to allow God to use you. It just does it for me. Two times in my life I've spoken somewhere and literally felt the Lord draw me out of what I've planned and go with something else. That feels like driving a motorcycle about 130. I've never done that :)

All and all, I need to write things like this to remind myself why God made me and to reiterate in my head what my future is, at least full time future. I'd also like to...

write a book
earn a private pilot's license
do voice-overs professionaly
learn all johnny cash songs on guitar

I'm completely stomped out for the night and now going to eat fruit and relax on the couch.

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