Tuesday, July 29, 2008

John Mayer and Dear Verizon and Manliness

So a friend of mine invited me to John Mayer in Irvine. Secretly, I knew Colbie Callet was playing too and I am man enough to say that I like her music. C'mon, who hasn't rocked the car radio with "Bubbly" or "Realize"...don't lie??? It was about a 2 hour drive on Sunday because, well for some reason, everyone in San Diego decided to leave that day and head north to Los Angeles. The show was in Irvine which is about half way to LA. The show was awesome, Colbie was sweet, and John Mayer is a freakin beast on the guitar strings. Straight up amazing. If you don't like his music, you at minimum have to give mad ups to his guitar skills.

I really was mad at Verizon because they pretty much oversold the show. We had lawn seats and couldn't even find a place on the lawn. We even got kicked from a waiting area by the goofy Verizon guys. He literally asked me to move when it was the only place for us to even stand. I was the first one to be asked to move and had about 15 people behind me, I felt the need to be the group spokesman. In a nice way, I explained that the show was oversold and we had nowhere to go. He explained to me that I should sit on a lawn, I asked him to find me a spot in a few words. He then told me in a joking smart A kinda way, "Call Verizon, I didn't sell the tickets." I really wanted to punch him. I am writing Verizon a letter for sure. All and all, we found a way to the lawn and forced out way onto a piece of grass. "Sir, my friends are sitting there" explains a nice young man. "Not to be rude, but these are lawn seats and I am going to sit here" explains me. :) He quickly came back and said, "Cool" or some nice California phrase.

I have noticed a few more things since I have been in San Diego that I must comment on. Listen, the girls here must wear some clothes. I saw a girl in my favorite Sushi restaurant the other night, I have never seen a shirt like this. It was literally a lower case V neck. I think I just made that up, but the "V" went all the way down and her breasticles were literally out to the wild. What in the world? Ya know, that kinda shirt will make guys look for a second, but scandalously dressed woman, those guys won't think about you in a romantic way. They will probably think you are trash and think very low of yourself. I am just being honest. Again, lingerie is sold because, well at least for a brief time, provides somewhat of mystery to a man, if you are married :) Diva girls, wear some clothes. You can be hot and modest in the same sentence. Mystery is hidden in modesty.

On another note, let me be the first to say... Many of the men in San Diego seem to shave their chest. Listen, let me be the first to say, I am a man and have chest hair. I'm not saying that every girl wants the incredible hulk mixed with a monkey, but chest hair is part of being a man if your genes allow that. Since when did culture tell you that chest hair was not cool and make these men shave their chests? I am a man and I have chest hair. If you want, I can take my shirt off and make cave man noises. Or Tim the Toolman noises. If you say something rude, I can punch you :)

What a blessing it is everyday to live here in San Diego and to meet so many awesome people. The church here has so many interesting people that are way deeper than the skin. We spent time on Saturday night going through a book that had 4,000 questions. I learned more about people that night than I ever thought you could learn in one night. Pretty intense.

Also Clemson Alums, we have made #1 on a list. Top 10 Happiest Students!


Jason, Julie, and Ian said...

Justin...this post cracked me up. Love the comments on the scandalously dressed women and hairless men. You are so funny...and I am in total agreement!

JT said...

Julie, forgive me for writing such things :) I'm glad they made you laugh.

Your lil man is gettin big!

Chris Moody said...

Dude you are a trip! Hope you are well!