Friday, July 18, 2008

A few things in San Diego

So living in California has changed a few things about me.

1. I eat yogurt everyday pretty much. There is a place called Yolicious. I get a plain yogurt with granola and mango. It is very tart but only 13 calories per ounce and for a fat boy, this is good.

2. You have to drive a little crazy here. I have noticed myself getting impatient at many places and probably once thought of myself as very patient. The city makes you think you are important enough to be places at certain times, imagine that.

3. Diva girls aren't that bad. I don't really desire to date one, but they are quite funny.

It has been an interesting cultural experience to live right downtown and be able to walk to all the cool places. It is a treat to live downtown and SUPER friggin nice. The 3rd week in August is going to be straight up awesome out here. At least 5 of my friends are flying in...

Ashley Jones
Josh Jones
Jason Grier
Keith Norris
Ed Edwards
Julie Edwards
Tavaras Brockman (maybe)
You too?

It's going to be one crunk week and we are going to be hitting up the Price is Right. So if you want to get a new car, just come on down to Diego!

I am missing home a bit and thought about flying home this weekend but didn't work out. Ed has my car and drives it more than I do. Well, I'm kinda glad because gas prices are out the roof like batman. Speaking of him, opens tonight!

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AshleyandJoshua said...

That's right! We are going to get crunk in August! I can't believe everyone is coming! You forgot to mention that Sam and Ashley will join us for the festivities!!!

Question? So are we all going to be staying in your little studio?