Thursday, July 03, 2008

Big Opus Lee Cunningham Birthday

Today is my good friend Lee Cunningham's Birthday.  I really like this picture of Lee as it pretty much sums up his personality and character.  He's cool, friendly, God-fearing, and trustworthy.  To own a Malibu boat, you must be cool.  For people to allow you to drive them around, you must be trustworthy. 

On a serious note, this picture does say a lot about Lee.  He's always opening up his things and the gifts God has given him to others.  He is always willing to listen to someone's story and give them good advice.  I think many friends can come and go from your life, just as the seasons come and they go.  Lee is definitely a friend that I know I will always be in contact with. 

Make sure you send him an email or text today and mention something nice that you know about him.  If you don't know him, I know you have at least heard someone say something nice about him.  He knows everybody. or text 803 238 8700.  He will kill me for posting his number :)  I mean, it was on the bathroom wall anyway at most local truck stops. 

:) Happy Birthday Stunningman.  Keep doing your thing!

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Malibu Boats said...

Lee sounds like a great guy and we definitely agree that he is cool because he owns a Malibu boat. Or maybe Malibu is cool because Lee is part of the Malibu family. Either way we are happy to be associated with your friend. thank you for writing about him in your blog. And since it is Lee's birthday maybe we can send him a little birthday gift from Malibu Boats. Shoot us an e-mail if you want to hook him up for his birthday. Sounds like he deserves it.