Monday, July 21, 2008

Grillin and Chillin

So a very stupendous weekend in Diego. Played some frisbee, went and heard a straight up unreal message from Matthew 13 about the weeds and the wheat. Whew. Had some grillin action tonight and some major food was thrown down. I named at least 4 cows on the grill. There was bessy, susan, and I can't remember the rest.

I admit, it was a challenge the first few months here to meet friends. It's tough to go from more friends than you can imagine to a city and know hardly anyone. We have met some cool cats at Kaleo who also enjoy the art of the grill.

Also today, we were playing frisbee in balboa park while the gay pride festival was happening on the other side of the fence. Quite an amazing cultural experience. Not to mention that our frisbee went over the fence and it was a Jesus frisbee. It came back safely.

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