Sunday, July 06, 2008

An interesting Day

So the past week has been full of crazy adventure.  I tried to take a day off work on Thursday to spend time with Ed and Julie, but at some point in the morning, the phone started ringing and I realized it wasn't going to be a day off.  I had to "do work" son.  So I met up with them a little later in the afternoon, along with a friend of my sisters, Bernie from England.  It was quite cool learning about another culture again and hearing a really funny accent.  Sandy Gibbes would have loved it as many times we would talk to each other in English accents, oh the days of Canterbury. 

All and all, we spent one day on Coronado and it was quite awesome.  We saw an orchestra in the park and had funnel cakes, even rich people eat funnel cakes, awesome.  We took a ferry back over from Coronado to San Diego and saw a firework show.  This firework show was the best fireworks show I have ever seen.  Not to mention, they sync two other fireworks shows across the city.  So you can look in three directions and see the same thing, it is unreal to watch.  It lasted for at least 20 minutes it seemed. 

We saw my friend Bernie off at the airport and went on our way to another adventure.  We went to a mission, that happened to be closed, but the drive up the pch was quite cool and scenic.  We finished and drove back to my condo to get ready for dinner.  We went to a really NICE place in La Jolla called George's at the Cove.  Definitely not a first date or even a 5th date kinda place, but nice :)  An interesting thing happened while we were there.  We had nice appetizers and were just getting our meal when a waiter behind me runs right into a table and falls flat on the floor.  Ed and I jump up to help and we realize the server is having a seizure.  Here is the cool part, the girls that were with our group are doctors.  They got up and did work.  They took control of the situation and it was quite awesome to see.  It was so sad to see someone have a seizure like that and my heart broke for the guy.  He ended up coming back and they walked him outside.  This was the first time this had ever happened to him.  He was only 27.  I hope he is okay.  All and all, it was so cool to have friend that could get up and do work like they did and just have the comfort of knowing they knew what was up.  All the waiters were coming by and thanking them.  George, the owner of the place came out and thanked them as well.  They also comped our dinner, which was REALLY nice. 

Ed and Julie will come pick me up tomorrow and then we will pick up the doctors and go do work on some really good breakfast at Richard Walker's.

We will go to church at Kaleo and then they will hit the PCH in a convertible for a drive up to San Francisco. 

Living out here has been so much of a blessing and I hope it doesn't spoil me too much.  I have learned so much about culture in the last few months, that is for sure. 

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