Monday, April 07, 2008


This is a typical view from Gvegas on Sundays. I often see the same people on the plane, I know the guys with iphones, and where some of them work.

I had an awesome weekend full of so many different things. I feel like every few months, I need to be put on the right track again. Somewhere between a crazy life, a plane ride, and a few coasts, I lose focus so easily. I can go back and read blogs and see that sometimes my life is like a roller coaster and I stive to find this point of consistency. It's so dang tough to stay consistent, especially in this Christian life. This world tugs at me in so many ways. I think what I've been challenged with lately is to just be raw. I think somewhere in the last few years I've given off this false something to people or maybe I even fooled myself into believing that I've got things figured out. I know that sounds crazy and probably doesn't make sense. It is not easy to be challenged by people, but in grace, I've learned that I really dig it. The process of someone challenging you is not always fun, but worth it.

Lately through solid christian friendships, I've just been challenged to dig deeper and seek Jesus more. It's amazing that the Holy Spirit gives us life and enables us to love God. I sell myself so short when I settle for this mediocre life when in reality, I know God has so much more for me. The past week, I consistently read the Word everyday. I'm not saying that to brag, but to confess in the many many months before, I have not. I settle for a half-baked Christianity full of podcasts and good Christian conversations. Man, those things are awesome, but they are not the vitamin replacement for time in the Word and in prayer to Jesus. It's amazing that I can feel a difference in my life after really just one solid week of spending time with God, man I've been missing out. I notice that I look at people differently, I react differently, I actually care more.

I DO NOT like to waste anything. I usually eat every bite of food, drink every drop of a drink, and after using my juicer, I eat the pulp out of it. I want to use everything. I want to use all the things and gifts that God has given me, I don't want to sell this life short or miss anything that God has for me. I believe there is freedom in Jesus and as a believer, you have so many options that are good. But, is there something that is the best, is it possible that God has a life for you that is bigger than what we settle for?

I was encouraged through a sermon at Grace Church today. How many people do I really dig into and speak truth into? I think about people that God has placed in my path that have challenged me. I think about the man who first asked me to preach randomly. I said yes to his question before I really understood it. But, because of that man being sensitive to God's leading, God used him to lead me into ministry and to confirm His call on my life. How am I cheating other people by not speaking truth into their lives and being that person to them. Everyone has that person in their life that was pivotal in their walk. What an amazing thing to be apart of someone's testimony, not that we should glory in our fine words, but in the fact that the God of the Universe cares to use us.
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Julie said...

Loved seeing you on Sunday! Mary Addison seemed happy to see Uncle Justin as well! I hate her nap time didn't coincide with lunch plans! Have a great week! I want to see your new crib. Take pictures!

stunningman said...

I know what you mean about thinking you have it all figured out. Pride is so sneaky and subtle sometimes I dont even realize I am wrapped up in it. Then God allows me to fail at something (or everything) and I humbly remember how much I need him and his word every day.