Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Confession Tuesday

Okay, take my man card if you will. I checked into the Hyatt tonight, walked up to the corner suite a bit later with two movies in my hand. I visited the local San Diego blockbuster and found, "No Country for Old Men" and "Pride and Prejudice." This is where the man card taking happens. I watched "Pride and Prejudice." Opened up the balcony, let the Pacific breeze blow in...

"And how are you doing tonight Mrs. Darcy?"

I have to be totally honest and admit, I liked the movie. I've heard for a long time that is very much a chick flick and not really something a man should go near. I enjoyed it. Keira Knightley is quite splendid I must say :)

The movie seemed to touch on so many things. One, we never really know people and we shouldn't be quick to judge one's character. Two, girls are so much different than guys. Guys want to be redeemers and women want to be rescued. I think it's pretty neat that innately we are programmed that way by our maker. I don't know of a single man that doesn't want to give a woman a story to tell and something to make her proud. Men spend thousands of dollars on diamonds to do such a thing every day and often do very crazy things to prove themselves to women.

I must now wait until tomorrow to redeem my own self and watch "No Country for Old Men."

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Julie said...

Ok JT! No one who had just read your previous blog about poor old Herbert could question your manhood; you secured your masculine identity with that one!