Friday, April 11, 2008

Those blue lights

Everyone knows that feeling, you're driving down the road, you see the police car, you see that you are speeding, then you see the blue lights. Man that feeling is so unique, your stomach drops, you kick yourself for being so stupid and speeding. You realize that you really didn't have anywhere to be, now the cops are behind you, blue lights blazing, and you already see the $150 ticket in your head. Pursuit!

I spend a considerable amount of time going places in my life. I fly on a plane every Sunday and Thursday, I see people weekly doing the same thing. They are in pursuit of something, maybe it's a better job, maybe it's more money, maybe a new location, or maybe just the next vacation spot. They are in pursuit of something. They are moving fast.

Look at the formation of the world, the creation of man/woman, our sin, then God the Father's pursuit of us in sending Jesus to die for our sins and be crucified for us. That is pursuit in the most positive sense. Not that we loved God first, but that He loved us, and sent Jesus to us. The Bible makes it clear that a man is supposed to treat and love his wife as Christ loved the church. This is a huge goal and not something we can easily reach, but something we can always pursue, assuming you are married of course :)

I think at least one time a week, I have a talk with someone about dating and this and that. I think sometimes, these are the most amusing conversations, and sometimes they are interesting. Men should pursue. Pursue by the very definition is to follow something eagerly or with haste. I have talked to a lot of girls who have guys that just kinda hang around and never really come out and say it. I'm sorry, but one day I will have a daughter(s) and I am going to be very clear with her that if a man doesn't really pursue her and step it up, he is not worth her. I am not the relationship expert by any means but at least I know this much. Pursuit means to do crazy things w/o any real sense. To almost be an idiot at times, which for some guys, mainly myself, is easy to do.


GE is me said...

Justin, some day when you find Miss Right, if you act how you talk in your blog, she is going to be a blessed woman. I really do enjoy reading your Godly insights. You have a lot of good things to share. And kudos to you for wanting to teach your daughter what you said. (you can also share that w/Mary Addison.)
Don't stop seeking his face & keep on sharing.
In Christ, -Gail

GE is me said...

Justin, just found out a friend of mine is going to be going to Clemson. He is a Christian & I told him I could hook him up with a good church.
Help me out brother. you can e-mail me @
He told me today @ church he already has everything orange!!!! :)