Monday, April 28, 2008

San Diego, Sea World, Wild Animal Park, Tijuana

I hate that you missed a weekend here! My boy J Grier and I flew into San Diego on Thursday for a few days of fun. He works a lot like me and we both needed to take a few days to chill out and have fun. No work, no shoes, no nothing (double negative).

We were on the same flight and got into SD the same time, imagine that. We left the airport, jumped into my new place, and tried to plan out the day. Through a blessing, we came out with 3 tickets to Sea World. These tickets are so expensive, so this was a nice treat. Jason's step-mom, myself, and Greezy went off to see Shamu. This place was amazing. To see animals doing the things they do there, just even more tells me that God beautifully created this world and the things in it, crazy the things we saw. I will be posting pictures once they are all assembled and edited :)

We spent Thursday night going out to a really nice place right on the water, I had some nice spicy scallops and lobster bisque. I ended it with this really nice healthy pastry.

Friday was another day full of wonderful things and probably on the top 5 of best days of this year. We spent the day at Wild Animal Park. These animals were so wild. We literally spent a large part of the day doing the walk around thing and safari, also getting a nice sun tan, I mean burn.

Friday night was quite the highlight. We scored some tickets to the Padres baseball game. I'm not talking about just any tickets, I'm talking about seats with Hall of Famer Dave Winfield. I should have known we were in for a treat when the ticket price was $325. As soon as we walk into the park, we get to meet Dave Winfield, had a really nice, FREE DINNER, and then litearlly were escorted into homeplate seats by Dave Winfield. This was unreal, Jason and I just looked at each other like what in the world, this is nutz. These seats are mostly for players families, rich people, and former players. Not only were we sitting with Dave Winfield, but we also were sitting with David Wells. One of the few pitchers to ever pitch a perfect game. This was an unreal experience. The section were sitting has its own waiter, you can eat or drink whatever you want, you name it. I was such a fatty. We were so close to Randy Johnson who happened to be pitching for the Diamond Backs. We could hear the players and the nice things they would say when striking out :)

In short, it was awesome and some friends came down from LA to join us on Friday night. We spent Saturday kayaking on the bay, chillin on the beach, and watching a Roller thing. Basically, hundreds of people come out and these people do choreographed dances on roller skates, it was unreal and hilarious.

Saturday we went to a multicultural parade Jason's dad was the Grand Marshall of. So interesting, I so enjoy culture. Saturday night we went to Tijuana for quite an experience. We had a nice dinner, then hit the mexican dance club. At first, I didn't feel good, because we had a long day and I had so much sun, plus it was so hot in the club. I sucked it up and hit the dance floor. I will have to admit, this place had hundreds of people in it. At one moment, Jason and I had the whole dance floor peering over our way, it was so funny. They started playing american music so we had to do our thing. We dropped it like it was hot and had a blast. We made our way out of Mexico and were not greeted nicely by US border agents, one was really nice, and this other woman was so rude. Either way, she couldn't ruin such a good night.

I will be posting pictures soon, they are quite fun.

On a God note, the best place to leave our choices and decisions is with Him. They are safe there. Well maybe not how we define "safe", but how He does.


Julie said...

Ok! I have no idea who those baseball players are, but when Ed and I come, you need to arrange for us to meet some baseball players that I have heard of
like Joe Dimagio, Shoeless Joe Jackson, or Babe Ruth! Can you arrange that for us?

stunningman said...

You and Grier.... from Dillon SC to the jet-setting high-rolling scene! Wish I could have been there!

Jason said...

"Now I....had the time of my life...and I owe it all to you....Oooooh". What a trip. Definitely a much needed break with some once in a lifetime type experiences. Had a blast bro.