Sunday, April 13, 2008

Musings of a day

Apparently, after flying almost every week for going on two years it seems, I made a mistake and booked the 6:43AM flight instead of the 6:30PM flight on Sunday.

This changes a brothas weekend, just slightly. They wanted $800 to change it and I just went with it, stayed at Ed and Julie's and woke up at the butt crack of dawn and started the work week early.

The day...

flight delayed from 6:43 to 7:45ish.

flew into Houston, small layover, went from literally the worst seat on the plane to first class. (there is a Jesus story in there somewhere)

...met an interesting older woman from New Orleans on the plane. I could tell she was full of class.

Turns out, she is one Brad and Angelina's realtors, and also Nicholas Cage. We were watching National Treasure - Book of Secrets and I hear stories from her. I also found out that she talks with Eli Manning's mother on the telephone and knows the salary of about every person in the world. She was quite nice to talk with.

Flew into San Diego, jumped into the car, wow, today was the best day I've seen here, everyone was out and the pool was packed. Layed out above the pool for some sun, prayed and read Romans 1 while I look at the crazy ocean beating up the shore, then headed out to look at another apartment, still haven't decided. This week is the week, I can feel it.

Came back, discovered a CHICK-FIL-A near my hotel, also discovered a Target.

I walked in Target to buy some energy drinks, and I walked out having spent $67. How does this happen?

Fixed Ashley and Josh's internet over the phone, worked out, and now about to eat a Shrimp Caesar Salad and watch "The Guardian."

I'm not really sure while I typed all that, but it's done now.

You know what else, I just enjoy people. I really like them, even when they say stupid stuff and act crazy, all in all, I just enjoy 'em.

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