Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I found this image on some website.

You know, risks are something I have always struggled with. It seems that my or our human nature is to want to know all the facts before risking anything. Maybe it is just common sense. It seems there are two main types of risks:

Calculated and Un-calculated.

You could probably argue that there are mis-calculated ones as well. Either way, risks are tough, but sometimes it seems that the thought of what you might lose compared to what you might gain gives you the balls to just do it and risk it.

The great thing about following Jesus is that if we are really following close, His spirit does help us at just the right times.


AshleyandJoshua said...

Just looked at the pics of your apartment. That is a sweet deal!! Josh and I can't wait to stay there. We'll help you break it in. :)

JT said...

Something is wrong with you. You can spend lots of time in the condo, Josh and I can go out and talk about feelings and frolic at the zoo. :)

DarleyFamily said...

Catching up on our blogs...just found out you "moved" to So Cal!!! You are in my (Martha) favorite city:) We LOVED it there and would visit every chance we got. Coronado is my favorite:) You are about an hour and a half from where we lived. So, if you are ever heading up THE 15 (all interstates are refered to as "the" out there...in case you get made fun of for saying I 15) pull on over in Corona at the Cajalco exit and pop on in to our old stomping grounds. You'll drive right by there to get to Vegas! Make sure you try some fish tacos...mmmm good. A jamba juice and of course In and Wait...that is what we called it b/c it takes for ever to get your food:) Top of the Market is a great restaurant there on the water...a great seafood date place:) We eat there everytime we go back to SD. In case you have not found it...there is a Chick-fil-A at the Sports Arena...pop on in and tell Matt Hughes we sent you. He runs a great store out there so you should have a great experience! Hopefully you'll get a chance to explore some and enjoy your time there. Congrats on your new job. the darley's