Thursday, April 17, 2008

Moving in Monday

Just flew into GSP from San Diego and I always wonder who it's going to be in First Class :) Well, today, I missed Donny Osmond by one flight. The flight attendant said that he was in the seat across from me just one flight before, oh well :)

So I went and did a walk-through of my new place before I actually move in on Monday. It is straight up pimp. It's going to be tough to go from 2300 square feet to about 800 but I won't be there that much anyway. Plus it is right downtown near some of the best places to eat. Thus, the reason I started working out again. The apartment has a cool intercom system that when you ring my condo, it calls my cell phone number, then I push a button, and it lets you in. I'm probably the only person that thinks that's cool, so whatever. Plus if you notice in the pictures, there is a nice hammock sitting out, overlooking downtown and where I can listen to the roar of Petco park as Khalil Greene slams a homerun :)

Jgreezy is flying into hang out on Thursday and I fly back on Monday. A few more friends, Sam Hoit, Brandi Roe, and possibly Diva Ashlyn Bishop are visiting too. Our tentative plans are as follows:

Thursday: Greezy flies in and we go to dinner and maybe Tijuana on Thursday night.
Friday: Possibly Kayak in the morning and zoo in the later morning early afternoon, possibly Wild Animal Park as well. (Friday night we are going to a Padres game)
Saturday: Sea World, Legoland, or Wild Animal Park if we do not go on Friday.
Sunday: Greezy flies out early and I'll be chilling out for most of the day after he leaves.

I'm excited. I absolutely love entertaining people and having fun. I met a girl on the plane today that was so quiet. I saw her reading her Bible, I said, "are you a believer?" and she said, "yes." I said, "me too, it's encouraging to see you reading your Bible." She said, "I really try." We talked for a few minutes, but she seemed very down. Something in me said that something really bad or mildly bad had just happened to her, but I never came out and asked her. I regret not doing so. When I meet other Christians, I get really excited, many times I feel like the feeling is not mutual :)


Cammie said...

Hello there JT! My name is Cammie and I came across your page, well actually my cousin works with your brother, Greg at WAMU in Florence, SC. Yepper, that is right, Good Ole Flo-town is where I am located as well. I just wanted to say hello and let you know your new place is SWEET! I am certain you are loving it.

I have read a few of your stories and I give kudos to you for the one on Christian Dating. Women do deserve more than what some get. I am guilty too. It took me 30 years to realize what a WORTHY MAN is and that is one of GOD. We are GOD's children and he gave up everything for us. I mean, would you give up everything for someone? That is a tough question there buddy. GOD DID IT WITHOUT ANY HESITATION! GOOD IS GOD! Although I do not know you, you seem to have alot figured out. I can tell you are a worthy man with good intentions. This world needs more men such as yourself! You have life and that is awesome :) Oh well, just wanted to say WHAT UP and YOU GO BOY! Have a fabulous weekend! If you have not read "The Shack" by William Young,you need to check it out. It will rock your world. It is a fictional faith based book that just reminds you of how AWESOME our GOD IS! :)

Oh yeah, I hear my name is interesting!

JT said...

Funny comment there. Thanks for all the nice things you said. I've got a few things figured out, but ha, not all! That would be nice though.

I have heard of the book by Young. But it does not teach the trinity in a positive light.

Check out this preaching on the trinity and the book that you mention :)

JT said...