Wednesday, November 15, 2006

You just gotta laugh

So last night I went up to Winthrop to speak at their FCA. Beforehand we met at Zaxby's and I actually tried the grilled cheese. I have been against the grilled cheese for a long time, only because it is expensive and I just can't see paying for it! Anyway, FCA insisted paying for my meal and I wasn't that hungry (imagine that) so I had the grilled cheese. It was quite wonderful :)

So we left and went over to FCA. We played ping pong a little while and then I ended up meeting a guy there and we struck up a conversation. We had many things in common, he liked editing videos and doing things with sound, and he also was a magician on the side. So we talked about illusions and fun tricks, it was a good conversation. He needed some voiceover help for his magic show videos and I am very willing to help. So I went up to speak and talked about evangelism, imagine that. I have felt in the past few years to equip believers in evangelism. Most of the church today just seems really inefficient and the whole "invite someone to church" mentality is not Biblical! I just want people to see that they can be the church to the world and it's not about bringing people back into the huddle and assimilating them. After I spoke and FCA was over, the guy I met at the beginning walked up to me smiling. He hadn't realized that I was going to be the speaker that night and said, "there was a reason that you and I bumped into each other and started talking." I laughed and agreed. He ended up pouring his heart out and asking tough questions about Catholicism etc. He had grown up Catholic and then ended up leaving to become a Mormon. After some time there, he started reading the Bible for himself and realized he was in a cult. Now he is a believer and is living for the Lord. He started asking about prayer to Mary and is that right? This guy was realizing that a lot of his friends were not Christians. Something just kinda came over our conversation right in the middle of it, and we both started praying. It might sound a little strange, but it was quite amazing. I just loves those times when you know the Lord is right there with you and is speaking through you. So I got home last night and sent him lots of good information, convenient in God's plan, He had me listening to sermons on prayer to Mary etc the week before, He knows what He is doing!

So I leave FCA and I was pretty much on cloud 9. I really believe I went there last night just to be encouraged by that man and to encourage him. So I'm driving down a long long highway for about an hour with no radio just really being all spiritual you know. haha. You know those times when you just sit there and don't do anything, just sit in silence and awe that you serve a good God! Well right as I'm in this thought, I realize that I'm still on earth and there are speed limits. Yes, blue lights in my rear view. Ouch. He asks me if I was in a hurry and I told him that I was in my own world and didn't even realize I was doing 65 in a 35. He asked where I was coming from, "sir I am embarrassed to tell you that I just got back from speaking at an FCA." He laughed and said "ah man sometimes even police officers speed, but you just know that the state troopers out there will write you a ticket." He also told me that there were many deer on the road, he let me go :)

Of course, I left with that feeling you get and a deeper understanding of Grace! I was speaking with a friend on the telephone and we were talking about picking people up on the side of the road. I just love it. Well I kid you not, as soon as I get off the phone, I pull over to get gas. This guy walks right up to me at the pump and guess what he needs, a RIDE! I just laughed out loud and told him that I just got off the phone with a friend and we were talking about people on the side of the road. I told him to jump in my Jeep and conveniently he lived about 2-3 miles down the road from me in Pendleton. Are you telling me that God doesn't plan things out? Man. We had a good conversation and I dropped him off.

I can't wait for a day when I can have this kinda life on a day to day basis instead of a month to month! Eternity is always around the corner.


Ed said...

I really wish that I would have known you were speaking at FCA last night. One of the guys that went hiking with me last weekend is a student there, and he is really struggling trying to find his niche.

Anonymous said...

All your favorite things wrapped up in one that's something to say thanks about! Pretty cool to see how God orchestrates...encouragement to say "I'm at work and care!"
Thanks for sharing it because it's encouraging to hear!

erin said...

reading that just made me smile really big. God has used you at Winthrop FCA a few times my friend:) i remember one of them specifically that impacted my life. good we all know you can't stay away from the winthrop women:)

JT said...

yeah eddie, i surely could have hollered at him...

camo, man, u are right...zaxby's, Jesus, and people, sounds like heaven to me :)

erin, I miss seeing your lil smiling face at winthrop!

Katie said...

That's awesome. We should totally be friends, I like you.

Candice said...

wow. don't you just love 'divine appointments'?

The Hongs said...

Okay...I've also heard of many people dropping their phones in the toilet lately. It was in my back pocket,..and out it jumped.
That's what happened.
Now I'm using Alex's old Zack Morris phone that doesn't even flip closed so it will dial numbers all by itself when it's in my bag. There ya go!

Thanks for sharing about your FCA/conversation/hitchhiker experience...praise the Lord.