Thursday, November 23, 2006

Fueled Up and Ready to Go

I feel like the rocket is fueled, the food has been stored in a nice little compartment, I'm ready for the trip. I am nice and seat-belted in, but God is up there in the control tower and He has started this extremely long count-down!

Have you ever felt like that? I keep reminding myself that Jesus didn't really start his full-time ministry until he was around 30. He spent many years just being a working man and living among people and was one of them. I am going to give a schedule of what I would like to have one day, this should be fun...

1....wake up, pray with my wife (hint hint God), go read, then head to the airport
2...arrive at airport, buy something fatty and strike up a conversation with someone and share with them.
3...arrive at destination city, speak to a group of people who will leave and go out and share their faith...go have dinner with some of those people, get to know each other, have a good time. Go to sleep.
4...wake up next morning and jump in a cab, do a radio show interview with Todd Friel, and head back to the airport (and hopefully get to share with the cab driver)
5...get to airport, do it all over again, but this time, try a different kinda muffin or fatty doughnut.
6...have a hot wife waiting at the airport who loves me and wants to have about 3-4 kids and maybe adopt 1 :)
7....have dinner with that same hot wife who loves Jesus and see what happened while I was gone. I would also like to end dinner with a fat piece of cheesecake.
8...step 8 has been intentionally left blank. :)

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