Tuesday, November 07, 2006


So something gross happened the other day.  Usually I am not a big "sweater."  I can do a lot of work and I rarely sweat.  Well, the other day something different happened.  I am down in Tampa this week teaching a few classes and for some unknown reason, I was a sweat pit stained guy.  Right in the middle of teaching a class, I happened to see that I was sweating.  Well what does that mean?  That means that I didn't want to raise my arms up the whole time I was teaching.  It was a really strange feeling and I'm sure I looked weird.  I'm not sure what was up with my PH that day but it was bad.  But I didn't smell funny, I just had a lot of sweat.  Well, I finished teaching my class and came back to the hotel and changed.  I added RightGuard onto my grocery list at the hotel.  It was nice, when I came in, my two bottles of RightGuard were waiting on me :)  Is that what it's like to be married?  Send in the list and there it goes :)


Ed said...

Ouch. That marriage comment just lost you crucial points.

daniel r. bass said...

yeah, thats exactly what is like to be married.. married to your momma! (Or the hotel maid, whichever you prefer)
Tip#1: Certain Dry can be found at Wal-mart. Its a nighttime application for excessive sweating. I tried it after a day like you just had, and it works, I only use it during the middle of the summer though since im out and about in the heat in dress clothes.
Tip#2: Right Guard sucks, gotta go for Mitchum.
Tip#3: People need to change their deodorant brand at least once every 2 sticks. Our body adapts to deodorant just like it can medicine, and it quits working. Find about 3 brands you like, swap between them each time you buy a stick!
Tip#4: When you are really bored at work, just write a long ridiculous comment so everyone thinks you are crazy!

Bad Andy said...

According to Tavaras wives are also good for getting napkins and forks at church dinners (when the men are too focused on which macaroni casserole looks better).


JT said...

Tavaras does have a good point!

JT said...

and daniel, that's hilarious and disgusting