Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Response to "Bullhorn Guy" Video by NOOMA

I have been a fan of some of the NOOMA videos since I discovered them about a year ago. One problem I have with some of them is the "Jesus Loves You" type of reaching people. Basically, sitting and listening to someone without ever really telling them the truth of the gospel. It's one thing to listen to people and show them that you care, but it's another thing to willingly not share with them for fear that they will not like you.

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Matt D said...

I gotta be honest , the "bullhorn guy" clip makes me mad. Would I find this dvd under the "new age" section of a ever money hungry christian bookstore? It sounds like Rob Bell has been listening to a stack of Beatles albums, 'cause after all, "all you need is love". Friel pretty much rips apart Bell's clip so I won't go into that. But what amazes me is what Bell dosn't say. When Jesus says to Mary, "your sins are forgiven" "GO SIN NO MORE!!!!!!" That last bit, why leave that out? Bell was quoting out of James about loving each other. They were already saved! No need there to tell them about sin. All I know is that "His sheep know His voice" Do you?
Bless you, Matt:-)