Thursday, November 09, 2006

Father Appointed Consequences

I've never really believed in coincidences. I believe the Lord appoints these times and if coincidences are real, then he created them :) I always feel like I'm changing God's will when I change my seat on an airplane. I am tall and I like to have a seat that is in the emergency exit or aisle. Well today, I changed my seat and I had that thought of...well God what if you really wanted me to sit in 46E? Ha, not really but you get my point.

I ended up sitting beside a woman that was friendly. She invited me to share a armrest with her. I usually try and strike up conversation on the plane but after a long week of work, I was beat. I really just wanted to lay back and sleep. I ended up waking myself up and she told me I had been snoring, then she said, "just kidding." We ended up having a really good conversation about the Lord and probably talked about 45 minutes. It was really neat in that we both shared things with each other that really encouraged both of us. I told her about witnessing and evangelism and she told me about dating, life, and marriage. I left the plane and the conversation just full of joy and felt good about life. It's amazing had I not changed my seat or went to sleep the whole time in the new seat, I would have missed out on a blessing.

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