Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Here are a few RANDOM videos from the weekend. Yes, I got the coolest digital camera ever.

For these links, just (right click on the link and 'save target as')
Stevie G and me working the IPOD
Bert & Ernie Sleep like this.
Yes I can say repentance and quiet time.
More from Bert n Ernie.


erin said...

crazy boys, making random videos is by far one of my favorite past times...but i would like to comment on the fact that there were several booty shots...i mean straight up stumble rumps!...come on now...gonna have to go have my quiet time and get in the word now:) kidding. funny stuff.

JT said...

Junk in the trunk is a gift from the Lord above. But personally, I like girls with big Bibles.

Jodi said...

Oh Justin Tanner, you're such a funny boy! Those videos were great! So funny! I personally enjoyed the quiet time one.....I know a couple guys I could name quiet time.....maybe some of'em in this video!!!!! Just kidding! And, apparently the Lord has given me a big gift! ;)

jerri said...

those videos prove that you guys can have fun doing absolutely nothing. what's even more amazing is that yall are completely sober, although anyone who didn't know yall probably wouldnt believe it. oh and the butt-shot of jason grier makes me even more excited about our movie date tonight! :)

JT said...

Jerri please don't place PG 13 on my blog! Jason doesn't even like girls!