Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Big or Small

We all can do something to further His name in this world. I get so excited when I hear about Christians doing big things. Big steps, Big moves. You have probably recently heard about Brian Welch from Korn. Please read their site, explaining his story. He came to know Jesus and is quitting the band. The 2nd thing he wanted to do was to reach 50 cent. Who better to reach 50 cent than another musician. The article is here. Who do you care about reaching out to? My problem is not the care, it's the follow through. They are both the same thing, the end product of that sin is that people don't hear. We are not called to be the "frozen chosen." I need prayer in this area.

Nobody is too far from the Lord to be saved. You don't have to "do" anything. Do you think the thief on the cross was ever even baptized. Nope. Did he ever get to tithe? Nope. Did he ever even witness to anyone? Nope, not directly but he will forever be remembered in the Bible as a great example of mercy and grace. Talk about a witness. He didn't even get a chance to read a Bible. Repent of your sins and believe.

So I went on a tangent, but I'm excited for this guy from Korn. He's already written the song for 50 cent and he is going to give it to him. Another guy I know of witnessed to Eminem in a song, it was actually a funny song and so true.

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