Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Take some responsibility

The Lord has been teaching me to be more responsible. I've begun to notice that there are many people who don't take responsibility for their actions and many other things. I really appreciate people who handle their affairs correctly and get things done, they are my role models. Here goes my soap box...

So many times in Christian and church circles, when a big decision needs to be made, it will all fall back onto God. Mainly in relationships. It's known as pulling the "god card." I don't spell 'God' with a capital G because He is not in the 'god card.' What is the 'god card'? Well I'm glad you asked. The card is pulled in a relationship where you are not happy anymore. Nothing is sinful about it, it might actually look "good" on the outside. But at some point, one of the parties in the relationship becomes unhappy and needs a way out. Well instead of being honest and telling other person in a tactful way, they pull the card. See what the 'god card' does is it takes the focus off yourself and your real reasons for ending things and places it on the Lord as if it's Him that wants to break up and not you. Now don't get me wrong, there are times when the Lord does lead you out of a relationship. People really believe that during the "crusades," they were doing the Lord's work. They honestly believed that killing catholics or killing protestants was of the Lord. Listen, everything that happens in this life can be used by the Lord, even sin, but we shouldn't blame everything situation on Him. C'mon people. Take some responsibility. Mainly lately, I've seen and just heard about some really sketchy things in Christian circles and that's sad. We should be who people look to for guidance in all situations in life: finances, living, relationships, marriage, etc.

Stop being sketchy and tell the truth.


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Ed said...

This is another reason that you should go into relationships with the understanding that you are just there to make out and have fun... no strings attached. I've always heard, "you can't play a player." Well.. who wants to play a player? I just preferred (in a past life) to make out with them while skipping the whole commitment process.

I am now a VERY happy married man. I thought I might need to say that.