Wednesday, March 16, 2005

My sister works for the United Nations and lives in Amsterdam, cool job, interesting sister. This is a picture she sent me about a year ago. She loads kids in this thing :) Not her kids, but some she babysat. Carolina Grads! Man if that was my bike, I would put some rims on that joker and yes, they'd be spinnin. Imagine being in college and wheeling this piece of metal around campus. I'd def. pimp that. Load my fly honies up in the front, maybe even take them out to eat.


Anonymous said...

I could so see you pimpin' that out. That is one cool bike...It would be helpful when you have a bunch of kids and want to go for a bike ride. :o)

dbass said...

what you talkin bout junior? get rims, those rims pimping, 42 spoke, old school. but yeah, that would be my pimp ride too.