Wednesday, March 02, 2005


So I never am home, so I never cook. I live on the road eating wherever I can. I am forcing myself not to eat out for lunch for one month. I spent more money that I wanted to on the digital camera, so to feel better about myself, I'm saving a hundred or so by bringing my lunch. So back to the food. So driving in to Easley late Monday night, I realized that Zaxby's was closed. Eating healthy is tough too, I've tried to cut out a lot of bad stuff! Well, I decide to pull in at another fast-food chain. You know what is the most pathetic thing. Well let me tell you. It's when the people at the fast-food places recognize your voice on the speaker. This should not happen! I have "Yea, he is definitely single and definitely not married!" stamped on my head, ha. Get a life dude, eat at home. I have to admit, it is quite funny. This is not the first time. I'm recognized around Easley. I think I shared this before but one time, eating at Roly Poly Sandwich-shop, a girl started staring at me. This does not happen often, the only time girls stare at me is if something is on my face or mistake me for dumbo. Well, this girl stares and finally I just stare back at her. Well she knows me, has seen me eat at Zaxby's a lot! This is more evidence that I'm pathetic. But guess what. I'm happy!


Julie said...

Don't worry JT! You know I will cook for you whenver you want me to! And just think, while I am hanging on for the baby, you are hanging on for the babe. And God has both of them already picked out!

JT said...

You are so kind ju ju. You make the best holey cake! :)