Tuesday, February 01, 2005


I really want to learn to capture my days. Tonight, well about 5 minutes ago, I tried to scan through my calendar and capture what I had done in the past few weeks. It's really crazy when you look back in retrospect. Not sure what that means, but I hear people say it :) Productivity is good.

Jesus makes my head move. I really just love music that makes my head move, the stuff that you're just like, "man, that's good." I got home tonight after Bible study and searched deeper into what we talked about. Seriously, Jesus made my head move. Figuring things out in the Bible that I never knew before makes my head spin, figuratively and actually. How can we read the same pages and still miss the big stuff? It's like we eat the oreo and miss the white stuff.

Speaking of oreos. It's really tough to eat healthy. I began eating healthy a while back and it seems like it gets tougher and tougher. There are so many "distractions" in the day. Distractions = krispy kreme layed out on a desk at work. Little pieces of candy in meetings. All these little pieces of badness all over the place. I never realized that I picked all these things up until I started preparing my body to resist them. Isn't that so much like sin? There are so many things that we probably do during the day that are sin but we don't realize it because we have not prepared ourselves to be aware. I'm preparing myself for something big. I'm mad at the tootsie rolls, doughnuts, cheese grits, cakes at bilo, pies at zaxby's, i must stop in midsentence because I want all those things right now.

I will resist and keep trucking along. Something big is on the horizon.

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erin said...

ok so thanks for the conviction. my roommate nikki and i were trying to eat healthy...well and then came my birthday and i couldnt let my 3 birthday cakes go to waste...and you're right doughnuts and chocolate at work. they kill me. and you know i think we read the same pages and dont see some stuff cause our hearts aren't ready. God prepared the right time for us to read it and really get it and apply it. isnt that neat to think about? that He cares enough to figure out when He wants us to get smacked in the face and really see something at the exact right time in our lives. ok so there is a comment for you since you like them...im gonna go eat some chocolate now:)