Friday, February 25, 2005

Someone is peeping

People stare. When I was younger, around 9, a buddy of mine and I would run around in the woods and play all day long. We would build forts and kill wild beasts, bores, and wrestle snakes. Well maybe not all of the above, but it was an adventure, always. We were always outside, always doing something. Riding dirtbikes, jumping on trampolines. This happens to be the same boy that once peed on me. I was just getting off the trampoline and putting my shoes on. YOu know you aren't supposed to wear shoes on the trampoline. Well as I'm lacing up, I feel something wet hit my neck. I look up and he has his pants down and has just peed on me. I'm not a violent person, well I didn't used to be. Without taking a second glance, I jumped up and chased him down. I tackled him, held him down, pinned his shoulders with my knees and peed all over his neck. This was one of my funniest memories of childhood. There is nothing greater than remembering peeing on someone. Right Ed? I onced peed on Ed too. He bare-butt farted on me during college and I found him later, and well, another blog. By the way, a bare-butt fart is one that occurs when one pulls down their pants, boxers and all, and well, u get the rest. DISGUSTING!

So I write about my childhood. My friend told me had built the greatest fort in the world. I was ready to see it! We went out in the wild and found it. It was huge! A big dome of all sorts of shrubbery. We could crawl in it and we were secluded. We hung out there all day. I went back to his house, hung around, then we eventually hit the hay. I woke up the next morning with his mom astounded at my face. She was the "hot" mom of the neighborhood. All the boyz would go over when she was "working" on her truck. Anway. She just stared at my face in horror. I couldn't really see well. Well the fort that my friend had built was made completely of poison ivy. The only thing in the world that I'm allergic to. And very allergic. By the time my mom came to get me, I could no longer see. My eyes had swollen shut and everything was shutting down. I was messed up! My whole head was swollen and about everything else for that matter. I had become the elephant man and didn't even know what I really looked like. My mom rushed me to the doctor. She gave me a quick shot to alleviate the swelling. After we left, I was beginning to see again, I could see out just enough to see a few feet in front. My mom stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few things before we went home. SHe left me in the car. Wonder why? Well it was hot and I opened to the door to just stick my feet out the car. A woman beside me in a van just stared at me like I really was the elephant man. It was terrible. She was disgusted at the way I looked, I'm sure.

Everyone stares at weird things. Just 15 minutes ago, a co-worker pointed out a fake hand on a man standing in line. People stared. We stare at the abnormal. I do it too. Even when I consciously try not to, I do.

If people spend so much time staring at the physical, how much more do you think they stare at the spiritual? A guy I respect at work told me today that sometimes you go through things so that other people can benefit and grow by seeing how you face your problems and issues. I've prided myself on not having issues and all of the sudden, I got a few. There are times when I want to be like the world and react the way they would and just be a jerk. Sometimes I honestly feel like drop kicking something. I don't think Jesus did that. I'm trying to understand His spirit. How can someone slap you in the face, make fun of you, spit on you, drag you around, and you not respond? That amazes me. Everything in me wants to respond. A guy at work says..."sometimes I just want to curse when I should remain quiet." People listen to every word we say and watch everything we do. Especially people that don't know Christ. If Christians stare, how much more do non-christians?

I don't think I've ever been at weirder state in my life and I don't know if I've ever experienced as many crazy things as lately. STRANGE! I think it's pride mostly that makes it tough. A close friend says..."Justin, you were my example in how a guy should date a girl, and look what happened to you".....another person says....."I should just be a heathen, look at you and look where it got you." There are major problems with both the above statements, but still it sucks. So drink your coffee, drink your tea, just go live your life and leave me be.

No animals were hurt in the writing of the words above.


Laura said...

There is a lot of truth in what you've written. I think Jesus wanted to cuss at people sometimes, but He prayed for them instead. Don't you think he wanted to yank Peter up for denying him 3 times, or Judas , but He knew that this was His path, His calling. I heard this country song the other day that made me think of you and love & life in general. The corus says something to the effect "All my pain, all my bad decisions, all my broken relationships led me to you" (you being their "perfect" love). I really think that's true. Looking back at my life... regrets, messed up boyfriends, and my victories and happiness... has led me to the right guy, the right career, and (I'm pretty sure) the right path. "Everything happens for a reason", even if you don't know the reason yet. Keep following your path and all good things come in time. God truly knows the desires of your heart and He will give those to you. Hope this is some encouragement.

Chris Moody said...

I would have to say you have to be careful when, and where you are peeing. You never know who is watching. I got busted a few times at Campbells Kindergarten peeing in the bushes. Not fun. I admire your honesty in your post on this one!

Ed said...

Glad you finally got some things off your chest. I'm sure you feel better. If it brings any consolation, I think you're playing your cards pretty well. Call me this week and we will go cow tipping.
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