Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Rambling & Pondering

I really like to write. I enjoy pears. I just bought the big dark kind, they didn't have a sticker on them. I like the stickers because you can tell how much they cost and it's fun to peel off and stick on people. I like restaurants. Well about all of them. I like really nice ones. I wish they didn't charge you money to go there. It's tough to eat healthy at nice restaurants. Doing well on the new diet until Calhoun Corners came along. If you live in Clemson, it's a must go to kinda place. Bring your bling bling because it's not free. I like that God designed our bodies to like food. Meat eating came after the fall of man. We used to eat only plants. Interesting. I do like collards though, with a little vinegar. I really wish our meetings could be spelled "meatings," and then we could have lunch at all of them. Sorry.

There is something to be said about people that love the Lord. I just enjoy being around them. Went to dinner with a couple of guys that love the Lord, as I was listening, I realized that for about 1 hour, the whole conversation revolved around the things of God. In Matthew, Jesus told the religious men that out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. It's really encouraging to see that happen in modern day life. It wasn't a struggle to talk about theology, life, small groups, and ministry, it just flowed. It makes me just want to know the Lord in a deep way and to treasure His Word in my heart.

A friend of mine told me something about evangelism. I told her that I desire for people to know Jesus and I feel an urgency sometimes in my heart. Urgency is not enough for us to reach the world for Him, it's only a small part of it. We must go and tell because He is worthy to be known. When I get to heaven, I want Jesus to give me a nickname. He really likes to rename people. People always ask, "how'd ya get your nickname?"...."who gave you that".....think the disciples ever got asked that? Hey Cephas....why are they calling you Peter these days.. "ahh man, shoot, Jesus gave me that name." Ahh man, that's tight. Well if the disciples were around today, maybe they would talk like that. Ok, maybe not. I've rambled enough, I think I will go roam around or eat a pear or something.

Sometimes I think I would explode if humor wasn't a part of this life. I wonder if Jesus told the disciples jokes when they were sad or down. I bet they would be funny and about animals or something. Please click here.

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Holly said...

Justin - great blog - great observations. i am my taste buds biggest fan! so i like it that you really love God and have a burden for other people. You are cool Justin. Happy Friday.