Sunday, February 13, 2005

Just typing

So the dog that lives beside me is still orange. She's actually more orange now than she has ever been. This is the dog I want to wash. I used to have a St. Bernard like this one, his name was "babe" and I never really washed him. Well he also didn't look like this dog. If he did, I would have tried to wash him.

The llama down the road from my house is still there. I still slow down to look at him when I drive home sometimes. He just stares. He's the Christian llama that I've written about before, he has a christian house with a cross on it. I think he might sleep there or take short naps. I just love naps but I would never nap with a llama, I hear they spit.

A friend of mine shared something very profound with me. I learned that in ancient Egypt, priest would pluck every hair from their bodies, including eyebrow and eye-lashes. I'm glad I didn't live then, not that I really like my eye-brows or eye-lashes, but the thought of plucking scares me.

Chris Tomlin is a great musician. I would like to be one too. Keep praying Justin. Switchfoot was great also, I was so close, I didn't even have to let my head move, the speakers were thumpin. I like thumpin speakers. Get busy living.

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