Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Play it smart

We weren't all born with a pair of aces, a straight, or a royal flush. Take the cards you have been given and play them the best way you know. Playing cards is such a great visual of what our life should be like.

I went to my first seminary class last night in Cola. Very eye opening. A room full of people from all different cultures and backgrounds. Chinese, Korean, American, and who knows where else. I'm so self-centered. Being around people like that brings you to this realization. These people are sold out and on a mission, literally. One of the guys that was there stood up and said something to the effect of...God's glory is all over the world, but the knowledge of Him is not. We have His words on our lips, they do not return void. We spent time thinking and praying about Iran, the needs there, the people there. 99.02% of the country does not know Him. Woke up this morning then heard about an earthquake there and people dying. Praise God for missionaries and people that care.

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Jodi said...

Playing cards and life......such a funny analogy, but true cause "You gotta know when to hold'em. Know when to fold'em. Know when to walk away. Know when to run." (That makes me think of the studly black man.)