Saturday, December 15, 2007

Wow, talk about an interesting day

Me, my mom, and my sister Tina, along with her two friends Eric and Tahnee toured the city today.  It was so fun to eat and shop in local culture, we took a boat cruise through the canals and it was so romantic, well, if i would have had a honey with me, but it was still fun.  We actually boated by the house we are staying in because it is in the nicest part of town.  So cool.

We had some good food all day long, and had some EXCELLENT chinese food tonight.  We led into our dinner by visiting the Red Light District.  Wow, I can't even describe what type of place this is.  I wanted to visit to see hot chicks, jk, I really wanted to experience the entire culture and this was a part of it.  It was sad walking through there, literally girls in windows almost naked just like caged animals.  Guys walk by and pick the one they want, pay, then go in and play checkers.  We walked through the "Mall" which was like a shopping mall except it was all women just standing out in the open, waiting for you to come in.  There is a verse in Proverbs that talks about men being devoured by these women, but I was with my mom and pregnant sister, no worries :)  But all and all, it was an experience and quite a little crazy.

We ended the night eating the chinese also located in the Red Light District. 

We spent the rest of the night with some wine and cheese :) I learned a lot abou the history of the city and we talked a lot about the differences in our cultures, I just luv it. 

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Carrie said...

My heart breaks to read that.