Thursday, December 13, 2007

Day 1 Amsterdam

So we left GSP around 10:35AM on 12-11, flew to Newark, NJ, waited a few hours, then flew across the Atlantic to a nice city called Amsterdam. I was quite surprised there weren't 4 hookers waiting on me at the airport. I've come to learn that Dutch don't like the cliche thing that people come here to , well you know, and smoke weed. Apparently there are lots more things to do.

We had a great time our first day, my sister forced me and my mom to stay awake all day so we could start the trip and fight the jet lag. I did fall asleep in the car a few times just driving around the city, but nothing major. The driving here is hilarious. First, the actually drive on the correct side of the road, which is nice. 2nd, there are more bikes than you could possibly imagine. If you have anything other than a beach cruiser, it will get stolen. So don't buy a nice mountain bike unless you want to get your bike stolen. I drove last night for the first time in Amsterdam, this was very interesting and it made it even more interesting because I didn't have my glasses on. My sister's place is pretty pimp, it is very small but an awesome layout and very modern. She has a pimp tv and a computer hooked up with lots of movies :) It's fun to watch tv in English with Dutch subtitles. People also give me an interesting look when I open my mouth to speak, I'm not sure if they are wondering about my voice, my english, or my accent. Maybe it's a combo. My mom seemed to notice it as well.

We had an awesome day of eating yesterday, a tuna-melt bagel, a shot of coffee, and a nice apple juice. My dinner was some really good Indonesian food. The cool thing about Amsterdam is that there is a crazy amount of immigrants here and SO much food, basically anything you want.

It has been two days and I have not showered, so this is something I am about to take care of after I run and get some food. I will like to point out fellas, the women here are gorgeous.

We plan to tour around the city today, and take lots of pictures.

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