Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I really like the Dutch

It's pretty neat being here in Amsterdam and being apart of the culture. Since my sister "lives" here, she has a whole network of friends that have come over. They take me out and show me the places to go and not go, it's pretty neat that most of them are so genuine and caring. My sister has a friend that rubs her feet and really cares for her. I think that is one of the best qualities anyone could have, just being a servant and being empathetic for people and always naturally looking to the needs of others. When I see people that are not believers doing these things, I sometimes hesitate (many times don't) to explain to them that this is gift from God. My grandma was the same type of person, always looking around for the needs of others and desiring to serve you in some way, I think it has become the number one on the list I want in a wife. Well, at least it better be in there somewhere!

Today my sister did not want me to spend my time at the hospital, so she sent a friend, Bart, over to take me out around the town to show me sights, etc. It was really fun to just walk around and freeze my arse off. After a day of sightseeing, I went to the hospital to visit my sister Tina, then some friends brought some Indonesian food in. It was the hottest food I have eaten yet, but pretty good!

My sister is still in lots of pain and no baby yet, the due date is the 20th I do believe and they will give her a day or so to see what happens. I left the hospital to pick to drive again in Amsterdam, it is much easier to drive at night, much easier.

Came back to the hospital, picked up my mom, Wouter, and his sister Laura. Dropped my mom off, then went to a local bar with Wouter and Laura. This was the smallest bar I have ever seen, they call it a Cafe. It was so nice, and Carrie Turner, if you are reading this, I had them jamming some Josh Turner on the big screen, I took a video, it was so funny to see the Dutch enjoying Josh. The bartender said that he really liked him. I will have to post the video soon.

Tomorrow we shall wait on the baby!

And the whole culture of kissing when you meet and say goodbye, I'm bringing that back to the US. I like this whole kissing thing.

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Ed said...

Amen to bringing kissing back to the States. I can't wait to see you again:-)

Okay, I just totally grossed myself out. That was a little overboard.