Saturday, December 22, 2007

A new nephew

So my sister had a baby! After about 3 days in labor, she finally had a C section, which in Dutch is a funny word.

His name is Luca Jacobus Blommestein and he was just over 8lbs. So we have had a busy past few days at the hospital, but my sister and Luca are doing well. She is very happy.

I really have enjoyed the culture here. It's so neat all the different traditions the Dutch have. We ate cookies with sprinkles when Luca was born, and I explained to them our tradition of the father giving cigars to all the men who come visit. So we smoke some FAT cigars the other night, man.

The culture here is very personal, everyone enjoys talking to each other a lot and kissing a lot, which is quite funny still to me. I am daily getting used to it.

I am going to make a habit of traveling more from now on, I would rather travel somewhere cool than spend money on stupid stuff any day. My mom and I thought it would be neat to not do Christmas presents and just start traveling every Christmas, we'll see.

I will hopefully upload baby pictures soon. He's cute.

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